Salvador Dali has always been one of my favorite artists. He lived a life unapologetic of his actions, his art, and his lifestyle. Dali painted such bizarre landscapes of melting clocks, floating flowers, and anything you can imagine out of place. He dressed in obnoxious outfits and became known for sporting a twirly mustache. He was part of the surrealist movement which questioned the difference between dreams and reality; which I feel is super critical to our daily lives. I admire people who live their lives in accordance to what they believe to be true to their core. I draw inspiration from not only his art but by his fervor and passion for seeking his own personal truth.

While in Tampa on vacation, I had the pleasure of visiting the Dali museum in St. Pete, Florida. I can tell you that it is as glorious and as beautiful as it looks. You can wander outside the museum and enjoy the location and architecture before you go inside the museum into Dali’s dreamworld of paintings.

the dali museum- st pete florida_ 7
the dali museum- st pete florida_ 8
the dali museum- st pete floida_ 1
the dali museum- st pete florida_ 9
the dali museum- st pete florida_ 10


I encourage you to find your truth, stay weird, and don’t quit your daydream.