Being Honest With Yourself, Even If It Hurts

In more recent months I’ve been challenging, and facing, the fear that creeps up when I think of what others may think of me.

Growing up, my very philosophical parents used to try and soothe the very angsty teen version of me by saying, “don’t worry, when you get older, you’ll care less of what others think of you.”

It’s got me thinking that as we get older, we may care less of what others think, but what I really believe happens is that we begin to care more about what we ourselves think.

By caring more about what we deem important we light up in the world, we begin to take action on what really matters to us, and we begin to take steps towards the business, creative practice, or career that has been calling us.

But most importantly, by caring more about what we think of our own lives, we begin to find fulfillment in simply being ourselves.

This is a friendly reminder from someone who has been actively practicing radical honesty in her daily life — in creative practice, relationships, and career.

It will be uncomfortable, and it may even hurt, but you’re doing it for you.

Be honest with yourself.

Be honest about the life you crave.

Be honest about who you’re becoming.

At the end of the day, the approval you’re seeking is your own.



Execution is the Game

As writers, and creators, it’s easy to let perfectionism and the fear of people’s opinions (FOPO) get in the way of putting our work in the world.

I’m guilty of this. And, I’m sure you are too.

In February 2018, I had the pleasure of seeing Gary Vaynerchuck live at the Tampa Theatre. His live talk was identical to seeing him on social media — except you get to see how funny, candid, and generous he really is.

I can’t remember the first time I listened to Gary Vee, but I will say I was put off. I gave him a second chance and listened to what he was saying. Basically, his desire is for all of us to stop complaining about our lives and go all into whatever it is that we’re passionate about. He wants to help us all avoid regret at the end of our lives. I dig it.

That leads me to a Gary Vee quote that rings in my ears these days:

“Ideas are shit, execution is the game.”

And, so I find myself being more honest with myself. Writing more. Putting work in the world. Trying. Failing. Trying again.

Because ideas come and go, but the most important is to execute on what’s bursting to come out.



A few months ago I wrote about my love for the famous surrealist painter, Salvador Dali and his incredible museum in St. Pete, Florida. You can see that post here… “STAY WEIRD.”

So you could imagine, I was stoked to receive an email from the producer of a mini-documentary about the Dali Museum. It features the museum’s architect, Yann Weymouth and museum director, Dr. Hank Hine. It’s 4 minutes of gorgeous indoor and outdoor shots of the museum… maybe you’ll be able to see why it continues to be one of my favorite places ever.

You can check it out below.

the dali museum- st pete florida_ 10


don’t quit your day dream,

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Directed and Edited by Ben Bradley of

On Love and Marriage

I recently got back from attending one of my best friend’s wedding in Florida. The whole trip had me thinking about friendship, love, and marriage. I remember many years ago talking to my friend, even before she was engaged, about what her wedding would be like and to see it come to life is a memory I’ll always treasure.

Lately, it feels like life is going by faster and faster and it feels even more critical to spend time on quality relationships and really invest on what you see staying in your life long-term. When you think about it, relationships really are an investment. They are an investment of time, emotions, and energy. If you play your cards right, and surround yourself with amazing people, you’ll see a large return on your investment.

The older I get, the more I cherish my friends and who they are. The bonds become stronger and more honest. More than anything, I love seeing my friends lives unfold whether through marriage, careers, or other choices. My wish for them, (and for you!) is to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

on love and marriage_ 1
on love and marriage_ 2
on love and marriage_ 3
on love and marriage_ 4
on love and marriage_ 5



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RESTORATION HARDWARE :: Dose of Inspiration

As someone who spends a lot of time on the computer working it’s so important to be in a place that is inspiring and motivating to work in. While in Tampa, I wandered into my favorite interior design stores, Restoration Hardware. Every time I am in the store I can envision myself having a space like it to work and live in.

I love the vintage-meets-modern, historic-meets-manhattan feel.

Restoration Hardware Tampa Florida

Restoration Hardware Tampa Florida_1Restoration Hardware Tampa Florida_2Restoration Hardware Tampa Florida_3Restoration Hardware Tampa Florida_4Restoration Hardware Tampa Florida_5