PROVIDENCE POLAROID PROJECT *Interview with Creators Brandon & Devan*

Providence has become known to host many pop-ups events. The first pop-up in this series, which I’ll share with you today, is the PVD Polaroid Project.

In 2014, I had the pleasure of interviewing and photographing Brandon and Devan the masterminds behind the PVD Polaroid Project. The exhibition came and went, but it was a rad project nonetheless. The advice they shared is timeless!

I introduce to you all, Brandon and Devan….


tell us about the PVD Polaroid Project?

Providence Polaroid Project creates analog experiences in a digital world. It’s a space where people can digitally disconnect and capture instant photos of the faces and spaces of Providence.


how did you decide to start PVD Polaroid Project?

Analog photography forces a higher level of accountability. It asks people
to slow down and really think about what they are doing — you’ve only got
as many shots as what’s left in your pack of film. We thought that was an
important and unique experience for people living in a digital age to have.


how you did you come up with the name PVD Polaroid Project?

It just made sense. So much sense, that it’s not original at all. The owner of our space had launched a project just a year before called the Providence Portrait Project. We didn’t know any of this when we submitted our grant—we know now.


tell us about how your process at the PVD Polaroid Project.

we teach our customers how to use a 1971 Polaroid Big Shot and add their portrait to our gallery.  It’s a lot of fun.


how would you describe your fashion style?

American-made thrift.


 what inspires you?

Providence is such an interesting city with so many cool things going on. Just walking down the street and seeing what people are doing and creating, inspires and motivates us to be a part of it all and contribute to the Creative Capital.


who in the photography field inspires you the most?

Winogrand for street photography and Warhol for instant portraits.

where are you from and where do you live now?

We are from Rhode Island and live in Providence… the west side.


why did you decide to stay in providence and open PVD Polaroid
Project here?

We chose to move back to Rhode Island for Providence. It’s a cool city
and it’s home—we are lucky for that. We are proud to contribute a small
amount of positivity to the city that gave us the opportunity to install this


describe Providence in a few words.


IMG_0615when do you feel the most creative?

Right before bed, that’s when the best ideas come. If they are still good in the morning—we go with them.


what is one thing you can’t leave your house without?

A copy of “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman


when do you feel your best?

Lately, when working in the camera shop. Generally, when in a state of creativity.


what is the best place you’ve ever traveled to?

Black Rock City. It’s a trip to look at it on Google Earth—we like it there.

favorite quote.

“The Universe is Self-Organizing.”

What is the best piece of advice anyone has given you?

Be comfortable in the silence.

any words of advice would you give to our readers wanting to start a business or pursue art?

Jump and the net will appear. People will tell you to have a plan—you don’t need a plan, you need an outline. Just decide what to do and go do it. If you enjoy the work, you’ll be good at it. If you don’t enjoy the work, why do it in the first place?


Thank you so much to Brandon and Devan for dropping some serious wisdom!

interview + photography by Olivia


I was lucky to be raised with parents that loved to travel and instilled the sense of adventure and fearlessness in me. Even though I wish I could take a vacation every single spring break or summer I am one of those people that will travel whenever an opportunity arises or I need an escape. Because of that, I find myself visiting places at different seasons which to be honest, I totally love.

I have always gravitated towards sunshine and summers. I love flowers, palm trees, the sun, the sand, and the smell of the ocean; I really relish a good sunset. But you know what, I really do love the fall and the change of the leaves. I mean, who doesn’t right? Pumpkin Spice Latte’s anyone?

Here are some travel photos from different seasons. Excuse me while I go put on a flower crown and enjoy this beautiful Providence spring.

// Clearwater, Florida //
clearwater, olivia

// Savannah, Georgia //
savannah, GA_ olivia

// Uxbridge, Massachussetts //
mass_  olivia

// Bristol, Rhode Island //
bristol, olivia

// Bristol, Rhode Island //
bristol, olivia

// St. Louis, Missouri //
st louis, olivia

// St. Louis, Missouri //
park in st louis_ olivia

// Burlington, Vermont //
vermont, olivia

// Upstate New York //
upstate, ny_ olivia

// Upstate New York //
new york_ olivia

Don’t quit your daydream.


// photography by Olivia //

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Winter Moon Headquarters: A dream come true

Hi guys! Olivia here. I have some really amazing news to share with you today. For some time now, we have been working hard behind the scenes to find a home for Winter Moon. We are proud to announce that this dream has become a reality! Tucked in beautiful downtown Providence with an amazing view, we are excited to give you a peek into Winter Moon’s Headquarters!


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

 photo 086383be-81b1-49b9-ae60-60ce9a331cb4.jpg

 photo 6497dc49-b93c-4998-a413-46eb43f9fed0.jpg

 photo 8617f6fb-3680-4c20-9c6a-ecebef4dec59.jpg

 photo d1a67eef-1dac-4bf0-8326-5823fb5904f3.jpg


 photo d5e92469-b2bd-405d-adb2-220fd2a19fb7.jpg

 photo f1611cfe-f451-4ea8-bda2-7602afd24434.jpg
((Prospect Park))

 photo bc4f08a4-a0cf-4efc-844e-e608365d0ff5.jpg

 photo 4da7d99f-eff6-479e-bf72-7426dd1c73d0.jpg


 photo b0c60955-8589-4f94-9aef-58d1a9cb3d21.jpg


Thank you for supporting Winter Moon and being a part of our journey!



Five Friday Favorites!

Hi readers! Spring has finally arrived in Providence and here at Winter Moon we are excited to share our new ideas, exciting projects, photo shoots, and some great news with you guys. Stay tuned!!

That being said, I just love these long days, sunny afternoons and cannot wait to get some spring pieces with colors and fun patterns.

Here are some of my favorites at the moment:

steer to my heart shirt_ modcloth_winter moon

Modcloth: steer to my heart tee

carry with on with confidence_ modcloth_wintermoon

Modcloth: carry on with confidence

nava_ orchid blouse_ wintermoon

NAVA: orchid blouse

bird print dress_ queen of hearts_ wintermoon

Queen of Hearts: bird print dress

pastel chord necklace_ shop bananas_ wintermoon

Shop Bananas: pastel chord necklace


Have a lovely weekend!



P.S. Shop Bananas, Queen of Hearts, and NAVA are boutiques here in Providence that you can shop online as well!




Vintage Providence Postcards

There’s something really random that I enjoy collecting: postcards. I don’t know what it is about them, but I just love them! I always mail my friends and family postcards when I travel. And no matter where I go, I purchase them for myself. I have post cards from China, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, England, and the list goes on.

This weekend while I was wandering around a Providence bookstore I stumbled upon some rare vintage Providence and Rhode Island postcards. I love how these postcards are a window into another time!


This postcard literally gave me goosebumps when I found it- It’s of Prospect Park! I was even happier when I turned it over to read a lovely note from someone to their Mother.

November 30, 1914
Dear Mother,
Maude meant to have written to-day but her head still aches, pretty hard so she is going to write to-morrow. We are on the way to doctor’s now and hope he can relieve her. She did not sleep but an hour all last night, and yet managed to get to school.
We both hope for better luck to-morrow.
Love to all.

prospect park vintage postcard
prospect park postcard back with note


This post card is of the State House in Providence. It was made by Berger Bros. Publishers a Providence based company which was in business from 1910-1951.

Providence State House berger bros publishers
berger bros publishers


This is the Industrial Trust Building in Downtown Providence, also known as ‘The Superman Building’ or ‘The Bank of America Building’. It doesn’t say who the publisher or what year it was taken, but it was built in 1927 so it must be around that time. Random Fact: This building is still the tallest building in Providence!

providence industrial trust building_ 1_
providence industrial trust back


The Providence Athenaeum has clearly always been a beautiful place! I cannot get over how gorgeous the overgrown vine on the side of the building is. The publisher is J.L. & C.H. Seddon in Providence, R.I. and the postage is only 2 cents which is definitely from the early 1900’s.

the providence atheneaum front
postcard back providence atheneaum


Jamestown is one of my all time favorite places in Rhode Island! This is of their famous windmill that was built in 1787.  It postcard was made by ARTVUE a New York based publishing house. I couldn’t find the exact date of when it was made, but I believe it is of the mid 1900’s.

jamestown windmill
jamestown windbill back


I know this looks like an old photograph but it is an actual vintage Providence postcard from the 1900’s! I wonder who they are and why they are on a postcard?! They both have wedding bands on so I am assuming they are married. I love their hair, clothes, furniture, expression- all of it!

Doesn’t this remind you of our interview with Photographer Phillip Archer, creator of Archer & Co. ?!

vintage providence couple


I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do. Don’t you love discovering old relics about your city?