WAYLAND SQUARE POWER YOGA *Interview with Owner Sharon Marie*

As I shared in a previous post, I have been getting back into my yoga practice and it’s been awesome rediscovering my love for yoga as well as the studios here in Providence.

Today, I have the pleasure of bringing you an interview with the Owner of Wayland Square Power Yoga, Sharon Marie. One very, very early Sunday morning I arrived at Sharon’s beautiful lofty studio in the heart of Wayland Square. She welcomed me into her studio, as if it were her home, with so much grace. We talked about yoga, Providence, our pets, it made me feel as though we had been friends for a long time. When you meet her, Sharon welcomes you with a big smile looks you right in the eyes and makes you feel present. It was quite beautiful being in her yoga studio getting to know her, the business, and what she’s learned over the years.

I hope that you are able to walk away from today’s interview feeling inspired and ready to take on another challenge in your life whatever that may be.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu…. Sharon Marie.

 photo 2b88c69e-9cac-4b8f-a527-51cb1aecf0af.jpg

where are you from and where do you live now? 

“I was born and raised right here in Rhode Island. I speak the native tongue.”

describe Providence in a few words. 

“Providence is a smart, eclectic, charming, and amazing little-big city. It has EVERYTHING a fit, foodie, spa-shopaholic, nature lover could want.”

 photo 6a29f2c5-8631-4d4e-bffa-8f7f73ea0dd4.jpg

when do you feel the most creative? 

“All the time.”

what is one thing you can’t leave your house without? 

“My books.”

when do you feel your best? 

“After my morning coffee.”

what is the best place you’ve ever traveled to? 


what kind of yoga do you practice? 

“I practice Ashtanga and Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga”

 photo 21191ee6-2578-440a-9a4d-6579b9b80f15.jpg

when did you realize you loved yoga? 

“2008, I introduced myself to Baptiste Power Vinyasa. It was love at first breath.”

 photo 7671ff23-9ad3-45b1-9ab9-ff0850bf89af.jpg

 photo 522cfd44-49c6-4695-a411-76c81d2779e1.jpg

what inspired you to have a yoga studio? 

“My entrepreneurial spirit! I wanted to create a simple space, a sanctuary for yoga practice, for yoga teachers, a space for transformation and healing for myself and the community.”

 photo 6a2748a9-6a08-402e-b069-5f387785ced8.jpg

why did you decide to open a studio in Providence?

“I almost didn’t! I was prepared to sign another lease elsewhere, but something didn’t feel right about it. My mentor, Joan Dwyer, was the one who pointed me to the East Side. The space we thought that was available was already taken by Alex and Ani! So, my husband and I were walking around, had lunch at L’Artisian, saw that a space was available right across the street, called Ken Dulgarian, and things just happened really fast from there! It felt like a perfect fit.”

 photo 46bd9fd4-6cbd-4694-ba08-118733864c89.jpg

where in Providence are you located?

“We are in the heart of Wayland Square on the East Side at 13 S. Angel St, Providence, RI 02906.”

 photo 75679e91-d898-4ad1-b9ce-2eda84623196.jpg

what would you say is your big vision for WSPY?

“My vision for WSPY is to grow our teaching staff, which begins this September with our RYT 200 hour training program, expand services to students and clients with my reflexology practice, create life changing opportunities for students and teachers, create some exciting yoga retreats, and be in service to our community always.”

 photo b8232026-7337-4a83-bd0b-0f52ab0f2fee.jpg

what would you say is the best business advice you’ve received?

“Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.”

 photo f6ac369e-bf5b-421f-8d3e-f03b017aa100.jpg

what have you learned from having a business?

“The failures are the lessons. There isn’t any room for fear. There isn’t any other way to be but kind. Trust your gut, always.”

 photo 9e35f6e1-132c-46ee-9806-d6577c20a4ac.jpg

besides practicing yoga, what else do you enjoy on your time off?

“I enjoy spending time with my family, my friends, and just as much, I love my solitude. I love to read anything that will expand my mind, to write, and to ride my Harley any chance I get. I love being outdoors.”

 photo f1441c81-c093-4f1d-b25e-255d6a3435b3.jpg

Favorite quote.

Love came first. ~ Michael Eigen, Kabbalah and Psychoanalysis”

 photo 503f5224-ade6-4884-b294-23a14ad127fe.jpg

 photo 1ee1e0ad-a2d9-4fa0-9225-6c7d172b7799.jpg

Us gals here at winter moon live our lives by inspiration; tell us, who or what inspires you?

“Wow, how to answer that? It’s limitless for me. Yoga, my practice, inspires me every day. Spiritual studies inspires me. My husband, Bob, my daughters, Katie and Christy, my rescued fur children (Rudy, the dachshund, Rebel, the shepherd-husky, and Skipper, the cat-lion. They are the truest yogis, living in the day and in the moment). My friends, teachers, mentors inspire me. I love them all dearly. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today without them. Teaching yoga, helping others find serenity in their lives inspires me. Positive, successful people inspire me.  If I had to sum it up, Life inspires me!”

 photo ba868598-3b65-40c7-a33b-34f4372397ec.jpg

any words of advice would you give to our readers wanting to start a yoga studio or wanting to become a yoga instructor—or even start yoga?!

1. Follow your heart.
2. Practice yoga.
3. Fall in love with the practice.
4. Share the practice with others, become a teacher.
5. Hold space for others, open a studio, maybe.
6. Do your homework.
7. Ask for help.
8. Make mistakes.
9. Practice yoga.
10. Be kind to yourself.

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You can follow Sharon’s journey and Wayland Square Power Yoga on instagram, Facebook, and twitter!


Thank you Sharon for being so honest and transparent with us about your life and journey of owning a business in Providence. I wish you so much success!



// photography & interview by Olivia //

Being an Introvert

One of the things I love so much about getting older is discovering who I am and being comfortable with myself. I have realized about myself and my closest friends that many of us are introverts. I would say I am mostly an introvert and 40% an extrovert. I think to my first memories and I’ve always been this way. I need time to myself. Like, a lot of time. Maybe it’s because I need to clear my mind for creative purposes or maybe it’s because my mind needs to recharge. Whatever it may be, so often I find myself going into the woods or going to a quiet beach to be alone with my thoughts.

Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal, it’s taken me a long time to feel comfortable and really embrace that aspect of my personality. I think that growing up an introvert meant there was something wrong with me. We tend to keep our thoughts to ourselves until we can find a way to express them cohesively. Because so much of our process and life happens in our head we can seem aloof when that is not the case. Many of us tend to be over sensitive and think about every detail. I think the most important part is finding ways to express yourself in the way that makes sense to you and feels closest to your core.

I found some really amazing quotes on the topic.

“The secret to life is to put yourself in the right lighting. For some, it’s a Broadway spotlight; for others, a lamplit desk. Use your natural powers — of persistence, concentration, and insight — to do work you love and work that matters. Solve problems. make art, think deeply.”
-Susan Cain

“They dream vividly, and can often recall their dreams the next day. They love music, nature, art, physical beauty. They feel exceptionally strong emotions–sometimes acute bouts of joy, but also sorrow, melancholy, and fear. Highly sensitive people also process information about their environments–both physical and emotional–unusually deeply. They tend to notice subtleties that others miss–another person’s shift in mood, say, or a lightbulb burning a touch too brightly.”
-Susan Cain

“So stay true to your own nature. If you like to do things in a slow and steady way, don’t let others make you feel as if you have to race. If you enjoy depth, don’t force yourself to seek breadth. If you prefer single-tasking to multi-tasking, stick to your guns. Being relatively unmoved by rewards gives you the incalculable power to go your own way.”
-Susan Cain

“Introverts need to trust their gut and share their ideas as powerfully as they can. This does not mean aping extroverts; ideas can be shared quietly, they can be communicated in writing, they can be packaged into highly produced lectures, they can be advanced by allies. The trick for introverts is to honor their own styles instead of allowing themselves to be swept up by prevailing norms.”
-Susan Cain

“Don’t think of introversion as something that needs to be cured…Spend your free the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to.”
-Susan Cain


Summers in New England are so beautiful and there are so many places you can escape to if you need it.

rhode island woods_ winter moon

rhode island woods_ winter moon_ 2

rhode island woods_ winter moon_ 3

I wonder about you? Are you more introverted? or Extroverted? Or both?



I’ve had the amazing opportunity to travel and live in many different places in my life. Every time I meet someone new the first question is always “where are you from?” and they always follow up by asking “do you miss it?” and “would you go back?

I love where I live now, but I never know how to answer these questions because every place I end up is for a different reason and I try to embrace that aspect. Although, as an ever wandering soul I am continuously on a search to find my perfect place where I feel at home. The more I travel, the more I find that it is not one place, but many places have aspects of the things I love. The more I live, the more I find that I have to create my environment wherever I go. I know that happiness isn’t a place, but a part of me is always seeking that perfect place that will give me a sense of peace and happiness.

Because I love living vicariously through other people, that leads me to wonder, where would you live if you could live anywhere? Would you stay right where you are? Or would you seek somewhere new?

Many times what prompts a move to a new place is circumstance that is out of our control whether for school, a job, and relationships. Lately I can’t stop wondering if I had a perfect scenario and choice over where I could live, where that would be? I want to share with you some of my favorite destinations of some really beautiful places I have traveled to over the past couple of years.

//Providence, RI//
pvd ri_ olivia

// New York, New York //
new york city_ olivia

// Jamestown, RI //
beavertail, ri_olivia

Boston, MA //
boston_ olivia

// Asheville, NC //
asheville_ olivia

// St. Agustine, FL //
st augustine_ olivia

// Tampa, FL //
tampa_ olivia

// Woodstock, NY //

ny_ upstate_ olivia

// Treviso, Italy //
italy_ olivia

// Verona, Italy //
verona_ olivia

// Paris, France //
paris_ olivia

// Oranjestad, Aruba //
aruba_ olivia

// Punto Fijo, Venezuela //
venezuela_ olivia


Don’t quit your daydream.


// photography by Olivia //

Chasing dreams and not giving up

Today, I want to talk with you about chasing your dreams and not giving up. I saw this quote a few days ago and I cannot stop thinking about it.

so true_quote

How many times do we look back at our middle school, high school, college experience, or a previous job and thought “I could’ve done better?”. I know it’s not good to dwell on the past, but I am a firm believer that reflection can do us good as long as you can move forward from it.

I am here to tell you that if you woke up today, and are reading this, then you can do better and start or continue a new goal today. I can tell you that if today you start today working on yourself and future goals, tomorrow you will be one step closer. This all seems great, but what’s stopping us? Ourselves.

dreams_ photo

We doubt ourselves so much. We doubt in our abilities so we either 1. don’t try. or 2. give up. I am here to tell you that neither of those things are fair to you. Why? Because you owe it to yourself to pursue what you love and deserve to find out what it is that makes you tick.

I can tell you that Providence has opened my eyes to so many possibilities. We are surrounded by amazing Ivy league Universities, Fortune 500 companies, and creative people that work night and day at their craft, trade and passions. The best way I can describe people I’ve met here in Providence is passionate.

People in this area appreciate what is made here, but more importantly behind the scenes there are people working really hard to make what it is you enjoy. I’ve been so inspired by everyone in this area and how hard they work. It only motivates me more to do the same. I wake up early and go to bed late working on creative ideas, writing, brainstorming, doing photo shoots, alongside my career.

I have accomplished more goals off my bucket list just this year than I have in 5 years combined! This is not because it was given to me, but because I don’t stop or give up. I’m not saying I don’t get discouraged, I am just saying that when I feel like I am needing motivation, I look around me and see so much inspiration, that I can’t give up. It’s not even an option.

dont stop_

More than anything, I want you to walk away after reading this feeling like you should continue what you’re doing because your passions are important and your ideas are valuable.