PVD BARISTA *Wetherley Rouleau* An Interview

As you guys already know, coffee is a big part of my life. I love the social aspect of coffee, the taste, the process of making it and, of course, the buzz! Because of my obsession with coffee shops I often wonder what it takes to be a Barista.

I had the pleasure of interviewing PVD local barista & baker Wetherley Rouleau on her experience and training on becoming a barista. It’s not easy and requires much passion and patience!

Without further adieu, Wetherley…

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you worked at one of my favorite places ever in Providence! tell us about how you got to work at Seven Stars?!

“I was working at another cafe, knew I enjoyed making drinks but wasn’t learning as much as I wanted. I met some of the Seven Stars crew at one of the monthly latte art competitions and finally applied at the right time! I got very lucky!”

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when did you decide you wanted to be a Barista?

“Initially I got a job at a cafe because simply, it looked fun and I needed a job to get me through college. I quickly learned how fascinating the coffee industry is, and that it was bigger and more complex than I had imagined. I also learned that being a barista required a lot more thought, knowledge and skill than I ever knew before. I fell in love before I even knew it.”

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describe what it was like when you worked at Seven Stars?

“For me, a typical day at Seven Stars began at 5:30 am. I was one of the usual openers. I loved the early mornings! The city is so quiet and peaceful and I got to set up the store for all the customers which was a fun and nice way to transition into my work day. So, I made the coffee, teas, set up the milk pitchers and sugars, etc. Another opener would put the bread out, and the manager would set up pastries. It doesn’t sound like a lot of work but it is time consuming and we all ran around quite a bit during open! Then, when the doors finally opened it was all about waiting on people and making delicious drinks.”

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being a Barista takes extensive training, tell us about the training a Barista at Seven Stars needs to go through.

“Before you can even be eligible for the training program you have to be employed for a minimum of 90 days. Then when classes come around, the in house Coffee Director Mark Hundley instructs us at New Harvest’s training lab. We focused on extracting espresso, steaming milk, pouring drinks and use of the machine/cleaning it. We got all the basics and more, and it is hugely insightful. After the classes we still had to go through training on the bar in the stores either with Mark, the store’s Head Barista, or sometimes managers. When we’ve had enough practice, we then had to go through a test where we make every drink. If it is up to standard, we become barista certified and get to make drinks every shift. Really though, training never ends because you learn something new everyday.

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why do you think it’s important to have such good training and know how to make a perfect cup of coffee??

“Extensive training is important because espresso is an art that changes every single day. We have to know how to work with it effectively in order to get the best flavor. There are so many factors that affect the taste, and we learn how to get it just right only by working with it. It truly is a craft that only gets better with practice, and it takes a lot of discipline but the outcome is absolutely worth it. Nothing beats a well-crafted coffee drink first thing in the morning.

what do you think is the biggest misconception about being a Barista?

“I dislike the whole “snobby barista” stigma. It’s a baristas job to help you understand an espresso drink menu; not to make you feel stupid for not knowing what something is. Even though it’s funny, I also dislike that baristas are typically portrayed as lazy on TV and movies. There are some really passionate and hard working coffee professionals out there!

what is your favorite part about being a Barista?

“Simply I just love making drinks. I actually enjoy the pressure of having  long line of drinks and being able to get them out in a timely and tasty manner. It is what I imagine line cooks (somewhat) feel like, and I’m obsessed with the whole culinary world. I really love the feeling of improving my skills every time I work on the bar. ”

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This, I think is totally amazing and I hope we don’t take for granted but you always, always, always, have a smile on your face at 7am, with a line out the door with customers, how do you do it??

“I’m used to it at this point! It is our job to wake up the city, and honestly by the time the regular working crowd comes in, I’ve already been up for a couple hours and had a cup of coffee. Opening the store is a great way to ease into the day. It also doesn’t hurt that our regulars are so kind and good to us!”

this question may be too common or obvious, but we need to know! what is your favorite coffee drink??

“My favorite coffee drink is a whole milk cappuccino. It’s such a perfect balance of espresso and milk; it automatically wakes me up and puts me in a great mood! I also rarely say no to an iced coffee, and a great double espresso is always a nice treat.

what would you say is your favorite tool/machine to make coffee? chemex, keurig, drip coffee maker, espresso machine, etc?!

“At home, I’m all about my chemex. I love that thing so much! It makes such a clean and delicious cup of coffee, and it gets people interested in the brewing process!

flavored syrups are all the rage right now. what is your take on them?

For me personally, I don’t often use flavor syrups, but I do enjoy the vanilla syrup we make at Seven Stars because we use real vanilla beans, and those are just beautiful in anything. And I understand people love their flavor syrups, so I’m happy to put them in a drink for anyone. Anyone who truly appreciates a delicious coffee won’t need to put anything artificial in it though.

there is a whole world around coffee art, tell me about that!

“Latte art is awesome! It takes so much practice and I think people get excited about developing their skills and seeing their friends improve too. In Providence we have occasional “Latte Art Throw-downs” where anyone can come to watch, baristas sign up to compete, and we all take turns pouring art until someone wins. It’s a great way to meet the other local coffee professionals, and everyone is very happy and supportive of each other. It’s more of a big party than a competition- the energy is so positive and it’s always a blast.

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how would you describe your fashion style?

“So feminine! You can’t tell when I’m in my work uniform though. I am usually a “less-is-more” kind of girl with one loud accessory. I am all about anything with food print, summer dresses, rompers and polka dots.

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Us gals here at winter moon live our lives by inspiration, tell us, what inspires you?

“My best friends inspire me on a personal level- they always have. They love that I work in coffee even though they are all health professionals! Professionally though, the overall coffee community continues to inspire me. We see new shops popping up recently, and knowing that they are being received so well is very inspirational and also comforting. I find a new reason to be inspired in my craft everyday.

if you could drop everything and do ONE thing, what would you do and why?!

“Travel. There is so much of the country and the world that I want to see, and I’m slowly working on plans to travel. I want to see what people are doing in other cities and really immerse myself in different culture.”

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favorite quote.

“Oh I have so many! One of my currents is”:

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” -Maya Angelou

where are you from and where do you live now?

“I’m originally from a small town in New Hampshire, and I’ve been living in Providence for 5 years now.”

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describe Providence in a few words.

“Tiny, creative and fun. I love this little city.

what would you say to someone considering a career change, wanting to dive into the world of coffee?

“Be prepared to work hard! Stay humble always, and accept criticism because it is all going to help you. Learn what you like about coffee and pursue that. There is so much opportunity beyond the surface but only for those who are hungry enough to work hard.

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we think you are so lovely! what kinds of social media can we follow you on and how can our readers contact you?

“Thank you so much! You guys are lovely, it’s so great that you introduce the audience to businesses or professions that they may not have known about before! I mainly use instagram! My username is simply @wetherley ”

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Wetherley is currently a barista at BOLT Coffee and a baker at Ellie’s Bakery! Be sure to say “hi” to her if you see her around town; she’s the loveliest!




// all photography by Olivia //


I have always loved flowers. The colors, fragrance, and feelings flowers give off has always resonated with me. I remember as a little girl sitting at a park plucking petals off flowers and saying, “he loves me, he loves me not….”.

My husband knows that I love flowers more than any other gift and he recently surprised me with one of the most beautiful wild flower arrangements I have ever seen. It’s a late-summer-early-fall arrangement made by a local florist here in Providence. Floristry is truly an art.

flowers by semia pvd_ 1
flowers by semia pvd_ 3flowers by semia pvd_ 4
flowers by semia pvd_ 7flowers by semia pvd_ 5
audrey hepburn quote_1

…..He loves me.


You can check out the florist that made this stunning arrangement here: Flowers by Semia.



// photography by Olivia //

My Musical Weekend

I had such a rough day on Friday. I won’t bore you with details but I’m sure you’ve had days like this, where even though you plan certain things, the day does not turn out at all like you had intended. I was pretty bummed for half the day but midday while driving through Broadway I saw that one of my favorite bands ever, Death Vessel was playing that evening. I can’t even tell you how much that changed my day! I totally forgot about what was bothering me and was so stoked to see them.

They played at a local venue here in PVD at the Columbus Theater. It’s an absolutely stunning venue and a fantastic place to see live music. It’s so intimate and all the people that work there are passionate about supporting local musicians.

We got to see a new band, Vio Mire which I totally loved and Death Vessel, of course, played an amazing show.

Death Vessel_ Providence _ 1
Death Vessel_ Providence _ 6Death Vessel_ Providence _ 2
Death Vessel_ Providence _ 1
Death Vessel_ Providence _ 4Death Vessel_ Providence _ 5

It’s amazing how much music impacts the way I feel. I really can’t imagine a life without music.


If you haven’t checked out my interview with Death Vessel, you totally should. Joel is a super inspiring musician!



// photography by Olivia //


One of the best things about living somewhere in the Northeast, like Providence, is experiencing the change in seasons. This past winter was long. I mean really really long. If you’re like me and avoid winter sports, you spend weeks and weeks cooped up inside, only going outside if it’s absolutely necessary.

One of the highlights of my year, and makes the winter worth enduring, is when the season changes from winter to spring. There’s an internal renewing quality about it. It almost feels as if the colors are more vibrant, the air is fresher, and things smell and taste incredibly better.

In the spring and summer I find myself taking photos of flowers. I am sure the internet does not need another photo of a flower but I cannot help it! They are stunning this time of year and I am determined to capture them.

winter feet_ olivia

olivia yellow flowers

purple flowers_ olivia

light purple flowers_ olivia

olivia flowers and tights




// all photography by Olivia //


I was lucky to be raised with parents that loved to travel and instilled the sense of adventure and fearlessness in me. Even though I wish I could take a vacation every single spring break or summer I am one of those people that will travel whenever an opportunity arises or I need an escape. Because of that, I find myself visiting places at different seasons which to be honest, I totally love.

I have always gravitated towards sunshine and summers. I love flowers, palm trees, the sun, the sand, and the smell of the ocean; I really relish a good sunset. But you know what, I really do love the fall and the change of the leaves. I mean, who doesn’t right? Pumpkin Spice Latte’s anyone?

Here are some travel photos from different seasons. Excuse me while I go put on a flower crown and enjoy this beautiful Providence spring.

// Clearwater, Florida //
clearwater, olivia

// Savannah, Georgia //
savannah, GA_ olivia

// Uxbridge, Massachussetts //
mass_  olivia

// Bristol, Rhode Island //
bristol, olivia

// Bristol, Rhode Island //
bristol, olivia

// St. Louis, Missouri //
st louis, olivia

// St. Louis, Missouri //
park in st louis_ olivia

// Burlington, Vermont //
vermont, olivia

// Upstate New York //
upstate, ny_ olivia

// Upstate New York //
new york_ olivia

Don’t quit your daydream.


// photography by Olivia //

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