I spent middle and high school years in Upstate New York where, if you don’t know, are many artists, nature lovers, and yoga studios. The first time I practiced yoga was when I was 15 and lived in upstate new york. It was my friend Casey who asked me to join her.

I have spurts where I practice yoga consistently and I can tell you it is when I feel the best and most like myself. I fall out of it because of the cost or because I make excuses about not having enough time.

yoga_ olivia

The other day I decided to start my yoga practice again because I love it and because it gives me a clear mind.

I’ve lived in a lot of places since my time in Upstate New York. Every new place I live I find a yoga studio and people I can practice with. It is something so beautiful about having a place you can connect with yourself, others, and the universe with one practice. I find that I feel the closest to home when I practice yoga. I feel that no matter where I go, I can find a really cool group of people that get together for the sake of feeling alive, in the moment, and connected. Connected to each other. Connected to nature. Connected to the present moment.

A friend once told me, “you don’t do yoga.” And you know what? I think she’s right.

purple yoga mat

olivia_ yoga mat
I feel lucky to live in Providence where we have an abundance of yoga studios. Join me in this journey and in my yoga practice.