This is such a reflective point in the year for me. Here we are at T-minus 2+ days left in 2014 – can you believe that?! A lot has happened this year and it’s hard to fathom 2015 is almost here.

Someone I follow on twitter asked their followers what they learned in 2014 and I loved the responses. It really got me thinking about what this past year had in store. I’ve learned through the years that growth only happens when you’re aware of it. Being conscious of your growth, and learning, is really what activates it.

More than anything, I’m learning to let go and be okay.

I struggle with being too hard on myself and am realizing that when I let go of things in my life, it makes way for new ones to enter. Whether it’s feelings, work, or people, letting go is a part of moving forward. And besides, life moves on whether we’re ready or not.

sunset 1the winter moon

Wishing you the best,




I am constantly fascinated by the planet we live in. Out of all the exploration we’ve done in outer space we have yet to find a place like Earth with an abundance of life. It really makes me appreciate how precious and rare we are.

Problems can sometimes be overwhelming, but when I get a chance to go outside and take my dog on a walk to the beach I am reminded of all the beauty this planet has for us. Looking down to see footprints of different animals, touching the algae that lives in a seashell, or seeing the complexity of moss growing on rocks reminds me that life is persistent and will evolve to keep going.

The life on this planet is a reminder of what’s in us. We’re programmed to adapt. To grow. To change.

ocean 1
ocean 7
ocean 6
ocean 3
ocean 4
ocean 2

don’t quit your daydream,


// photography by Olivia //