I spent the day exploring Boston today. As fun as this city is, it always throws me off how cold this city gets this time of year!

One of the highlights was when we wandered into a super cute hat shop with the cutest vintage decor. With the new year arriving this evening, it got me thinking of the importance of doing what you love because you don’t know how 1) happy it will make you, or 2) the legacy/inspiration you’ll leave behind for years to come. Following your passions should not be underestimated. Life is short and should be savored.

I hope this upcoming year brings you the energy to work hard, courage to pursue the unknown, bravery to let go of what doesn’t serve you, and the persistence to push for your dreams.

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Hats off to new adventures and pursuing our dreams!


// all photography by Olivia //


This is such a reflective point in the year for me. Here we are at T-minus 2+ days left in 2014 – can you believe that?! A lot has happened this year and it’s hard to fathom 2015 is almost here.

Someone I follow on twitter asked their followers what they learned in 2014 and I loved the responses. It really got me thinking about what this past year had in store. I’ve learned through the years that growth only happens when you’re aware of it. Being conscious of your growth, and learning, is really what activates it.

More than anything, I’m learning to let go and be okay.

I struggle with being too hard on myself and am realizing that when I let go of things in my life, it makes way for new ones to enter. Whether it’s feelings, work, or people, letting go is a part of moving forward. And besides, life moves on whether we’re ready or not.

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Wishing you the best,