When I was 10 years old I was newly arrived in the US from my home country of Venezuela. I remember my teacher at school referred me to a Saturday program where I would learn all sorts of things in a hands-on way. One time the program was scheduled in the evening and was sponsored by NASA.

I didn’t know much at all about astronomy or what NASA was, but I remember they showed us how to make telescopes from cardboard tubes and glass pieces, and then we went outside to look at the moon. To this day, I still remember how blown away I was to look at the moon from a telescope I had made. It was that day, that I fell in love with everything having to do with astronomy.

Fast forward quite a few years later and I am still as mesmerized, if not more, by the skies above us. I spend all my free time reading all the books I can carry (literally) out of the library.

The other day, after many years of wanting to get a closer look at the moon I purchased my very first telescope! I ordered a Celestron Travelscope online and to be honest it is soooo good. It’s super easy to assemble, it’s lightweight, meant for travel, and even comes with a backpack! If you’re in the market or even considering a telescope – this is a great starter scope. The other night I went outside and got a look at the moon and almost cried. I swear. It’s mind blowing to think that we sent humans there.

I can’t wait until we can leave this planet and explore other worlds. Until then, I have a telescope and a lot of books. And that’s what I’ll explore other worlds with.

celestron telescope 6

celestron telescope 1

celestron telescope 7

celestron telescope 3

celestron telescope 2celestron telescope 5

Pursue what you love. You’ll realize that you’ve loved that for a very long time,

// photography by Olivia //
**This post was not sponsored by Celestron- these are just my personal opinions **


I am constantly fascinated by the planet we live in. Out of all the exploration we’ve done in outer space we have yet to find a place like Earth with an abundance of life. It really makes me appreciate how precious and rare we are.

Problems can sometimes be overwhelming, but when I get a chance to go outside and take my dog on a walk to the beach I am reminded of all the beauty this planet has for us. Looking down to see footprints of different animals, touching the algae that lives in a seashell, or seeing the complexity of moss growing on rocks reminds me that life is persistent and will evolve to keep going.

The life on this planet is a reminder of what’s in us. We’re programmed to adapt. To grow. To change.

ocean 1
ocean 7
ocean 6
ocean 3
ocean 4
ocean 2

don’t quit your daydream,


// photography by Olivia //

SPACE EXPLORATION // Hubble Telescope

Lately I’ve been feeling if I could travel back in time I would be an astronomer or physicist. There is something so overwhelmingly beautiful about looking out into space and thinking about how the world works. Most of what we see, and can’t see, can be explained by laws of science. Amazing!

One of the earliest moments I remember being fascinated by space was when I was in grade school and I was chosen from my elementary class to go and learn about NASA. We got to use real telescopes, learn about the moon, and got to built our own telescopes out of cardboard. It’s amazing the memories that will inspire and stay with you longterm.

If you ever want to feel incredibly insignificant yet beautifully significant you should check out NASA’s Hubble Telescope photos of nebulae, stars, galaxies, and planets. To me, it’s most certainly one of the most inspiring things ever!


hubble telescope images_ winter moon

hubble telescope images_ winter moon_ 1

hubble telescope images_ winter moon_ 2

hubble telescope images_ winter moon_ 3

hubble telescope images_ winter moon_ 4

I find myself diving into the world of the sciences. I can’t wait to share what I discover.


I encourage you to check out NASA’s wesbite for inspiring photos. You can also follow them on instagram!