This past weekend I attended, jewelry and metalsmith, Islay Taylor’s show, Natural History.

We’ve been lucky to see Islay’s original inspiration and see the progression of her inspiration in her jewelry come to life. I am thankful that she allowed us into her studio over seven-months ago because we can see how her ideas evolved into these insanely beautiful creations.

Islay Taylor_ Natural History_ 1Islay Taylor_ Natural History_ 3Islay Taylor_ Natural History_ 2Islay Taylor_ Natural History_ 4Islay Taylor_ Natural History_ 5Islay Taylor_ Natural History_ 6


Feel free to contact Islay and/or purchase some of her one-of-a-kind jewelry!





// photography by Olivia //  Jewelry by Islay Taylor //

Free People :: You’re my favorite

It’s no secret that I am incredibly inspired by fashion; it’s definitely not just about clothes to me. I am not necessarily particular about one brand because it takes a lot for me to love a brand but one company who has totally nailed it for me is Free People. They have created a whole feeling and lifestyle around their brand which I totally love.

I had a very special party to go to while in Tampa and the store that just blew me away, was without a doubt Free People. After wandering the busy mall looking for the perfect dress, walking into Free People was a breath of fresh air. The music was folky and calm, the decor was warm and inviting, and the girls working there made it a point to introduce themselves and call me by name. One of the biggest things about Free People that I love is that you can create your own outfits; their clothes are meant to be layered. I love that I can find two different dresses and mix them to make my own creation. And that, has got to be the best feeling. Knowing that yes, someone else designed it, but I can put my own creative twist in what I am wearing.

I think that Free People really encompasses all the things I love in a brand and company. If you haven’t already checked out the Free People blog, I highly encourage you to! It is definitely one of Winter Moon’s biggest inspirations.

free people tampa
free people tampa _ 1 free people tampa _ 2
free people tampa _ 4




:: photography by Olivia ::

my spring inspired shopping trip

I’m a bargain shopper. People ask me all the time where I buy my clothes and it’s a hard question to answer because I shop at a lot of different places. The biggest thing for me is not spending very much on clothes.

One of my favorites blogs I read Little Tree Vintage held a Marshalls giveaway a few weeks ago and even though I am one of those people who always says “I never win anything“, to my surprise I won! It was total heaven sent because I have been wanting to spruce up my wardrobe for spring and I found some colorful, floral and tribal printed clothes. I was able to get 3 dresses, 2 tank tops, 1 sweater with cut off sleeves, 1 pair of jeans, and 1 cardigan sweater. I can’t wait to go shopping again. I love the thrill of a good find at a good price.

olivia marshalls

olivia flower dress

tribal sweater_ olivia

navy cardigan- olivia

crop top back

levis dress 1

no sleeve flower dress 1

white tank 1

white tank top


The clothing I mentioned are courtesy of Marshalls through the giveaway I won on Little Tree Vintage! All the statement necklaces shown and opinions are my own.



// photography by Olivia //

// you can check out the Little Tree Vintage post about it here //




When you’re younger you wonder what your friends will do when they grow up. You wonder if you’ll still have fun, have adventures, and try different things. As I am still discovering who I am, I love being surrounded by so many inspiring people challenging themselves and are always pushing their limits.

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Providence’s newest boutique, MINT. The owner, Jay is one of the loveliest women I know and although she’s one of my newest friends in my life I feel lucky to know her. She is inspiring, fun, and classy to boot! I am happy to support her new venture and can’t wait to buy all her pretty things in her store. Here are my five favorites from that night.

mint on broadway_winter moon


statement necklace_ mint


olivia at mint


sparkly necklace_ winter moon


jay and olivia _ mint_ WM


Don’t quit your daydream.