MY TRIP TO JAPAN! PART 12: Little Details in Yokohama

Japan is filled with little details. I’d say it’s one of the most charming aspects about their culture.

There are many things I saw in Yokohama that don’t fit into a specific category, so I’m sharing them together here.

Treasures such as an elaborately designed manhole cover, a doggy water bowl holder designed into the side of a wall, clever street art, or walking through a neighborhood and running into a park.

Cheers to the little things!

可愛い   Kawaii  (cute in Japanese)


MY TRIP TO JAPAN! PART 9: Yokohama Chinatown

The other night I went for veggie sushi with one of my best friends and she wanted to know all about my trip to Japan. It seemed appropriate to have a Japanese meal.

I shared that I stayed near the Chinatown in Yokohama, and her reaction was, “Chinatown in Japan?!”

I know, right?!

Yokohama Chinatown reminded me a lot of China — Music! Lanterns! Dumplings! It’s in your face in the most beautiful way. Check it out…