Ruins and Wild Horses

Traveled to Cumberland Island this past weekend in quaint St. Mary’s — a small town in Georgia. The island is a smooth 45 minute ferry ride on St. Mary’s River.

The 35,000 plus acres of island is uninhabited and undeveloped, and utterly captivating. Cumberland Island is home to the famous Dungeness Ruins, a Carnegie family Mansion until it burned down.

I’ve never been this close to a wild horse and I must say, I was geeking out and blown away by the entire experience. The getaway was unusual, adventurous, and enchanting.

Realizing that often times the best adventures are uncomplicated.


I was lucky to be raised with parents that loved to travel and instilled the sense of adventure and fearlessness in me. Even though I wish I could take a vacation every single spring break or summer I am one of those people that will travel whenever an opportunity arises or I need an escape. Because of that, I find myself visiting places at different seasons which to be honest, I totally love.

I have always gravitated towards sunshine and summers. I love flowers, palm trees, the sun, the sand, and the smell of the ocean; I really relish a good sunset. But you know what, I really do love the fall and the change of the leaves. I mean, who doesn’t right? Pumpkin Spice Latte’s anyone?

Here are some travel photos from different seasons. Excuse me while I go put on a flower crown and enjoy this beautiful Providence spring.

// Clearwater, Florida //
clearwater, olivia

// Savannah, Georgia //
savannah, GA_ olivia

// Uxbridge, Massachussetts //
mass_  olivia

// Bristol, Rhode Island //
bristol, olivia

// Bristol, Rhode Island //
bristol, olivia

// St. Louis, Missouri //
st louis, olivia

// St. Louis, Missouri //
park in st louis_ olivia

// Burlington, Vermont //
vermont, olivia

// Upstate New York //
upstate, ny_ olivia

// Upstate New York //
new york_ olivia

Don’t quit your daydream.


// photography by Olivia //

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