Last week was voting day.

I believe our generation can make a difference.
I believe our generation can change our circumstances.
I believe our generation has the potential to contribute great things to our planet.


We need to vote.
We need to volunteer.
We need to contribute to greater causes than our own.

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I love that getting older means more confidence and fearlessness to be who I’ve always been on the inside.

I saw this quote floating around online and it really captivated my attention. How true it is that we change with the seasons; over time our perspectives, desires, and goals evolve into who we are today.

fearless 4
fearless 4
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don’t quit your daydream,

On Love and Marriage

I recently got back from attending one of my best friend’s wedding in Florida. The whole trip had me thinking about friendship, love, and marriage. I remember many years ago talking to my friend, even before she was engaged, about what her wedding would be like and to see it come to life is a memory I’ll always treasure.

Lately, it feels like life is going by faster and faster and it feels even more critical to spend time on quality relationships and really invest on what you see staying in your life long-term. When you think about it, relationships really are an investment. They are an investment of time, emotions, and energy. If you play your cards right, and surround yourself with amazing people, you’ll see a large return on your investment.

The older I get, the more I cherish my friends and who they are. The bonds become stronger and more honest. More than anything, I love seeing my friends lives unfold whether through marriage, careers, or other choices. My wish for them, (and for you!) is to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

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// all photography by Olivia //


I’m sure you’ve also noticed that Anthropologie is one of those stores that I frequent, not only to purchase clothes but to get inspired.

My good friend Sarah asked me to join her in going to Anthropologie’s Anthroevent for August birthday’s a few days ago. It was the night before an early flight, I had a long list of things to-do but I am so glad I was able to go. It was so lovely to be treated with Strawberry Lemonade, Cupcakes from local bakeries, rock candy, and ocean-themed party favors.

To me, it’s impressive when a company can take the time to treat its customers to something so simple like a birthday party. It’s the little things that make such a difference in my book.

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Thanks for the lovely evening, Sarah!


Anthropologie & Inspiration

One of my favorite corporate stores ever is Anthropologie. I have been obsessed with this store for many years. I love how every single one is decorated differently and every season has a different feel. I walk into the store feeling like I could live in it.

I felt so inspired by the Rhode Island Anthropologie this season and I wanted to share what I felt when I was in the store. I photographed some of my favorite things I saw and added some quotes. Basically two of my favorite things in life.


wintermoonblog_ anthropologie_ quotes_ 4

wintermoonblog_ anthropologie_ quotes_ 2

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Don’t Quit Your Daydream!