It’s a bit unreal that it’s Christmas eve and the New Year is only a few short days away! How fast a year can go by!

As time goes on, this holidays takes on different meaning for me. I appreciate the simplicity of having a cup of warm coffee listening to music and the overall good feelings of the holidays. I love seeing Providence transform into a charming little city with red and green decorations with twinkling lights everywhere. I love how quiet the city gets on holidays and I love having a moment with friends and family to enjoy and appreciate each other’s company.

I asked some of our readers to share with us what they were looking forward to these holidays. If you’d like to share with us what you love about this holiday season and what you’re looking forward to, we’d love to hear it!

“I am looking forward to be with my family and enjoying good food.” -Marie


“Playing a vicious game of Settler’s of Catan with my whole family on the evening of Christmas Day! Setting in for a long winter’s nap after a glorious retail rush at Pickwick’s Mercantile.” -Thistle


“Watching It’s a Beautiful Life with my parents.” -Maria


“Spending time with my nearest and dearest.” -Tori


“I am looking forward to seeing family that I don’t see very often and having a nice time drinking and laughing.” -Anabell


“we’re looking forward to not working. for once.” –Ladies at M I N T

christmas 2014
christmas 2014 3 christmas 2014 4

All the best to you and yours


// photography by Olivia //


It’s amazing the amount of stress I place on myself everyday. Do you ever feel that way? It’s exhausting! Sometimes it becomes so overwhelming that I step back only to realize all the incredible beauty around me. Literally stopping to smell the roses.

Life is really too short to be stressed. It’s not worth it. I find myself asking, will this concern me in 20 years? Usually the answer is no. So why worry? Who cares?

My cure for stress lately? Appreciating these amazing flowers from my husband. Getting a massage. Going to the ocean.

wm flowers

wellnessbristol wm


// all photography by Olivia //


Last week was voting day.

I believe our generation can make a difference.
I believe our generation can change our circumstances.
I believe our generation has the potential to contribute great things to our planet.


We need to vote.
We need to volunteer.
We need to contribute to greater causes than our own.

WM vote




I hope you’re having a good fall so far.

I’m amazed at how fast time is going lately. I’m trying to learn how to live in the moment, savor experiences, yet simultaneously hustling for the future. I think this why I love photography so much. It allows me to stop and notice the details around me.

Here are some photos I shot recently of the East Side of Providence and the RISD Museum. I’ll never tire of these incredible colors.

east side fall scene 2

east side fall scene 1

east side fall scene


// all photography by Olivia//


This past weekend I attended, jewelry and metalsmith, Islay Taylor’s show, Natural History.

We’ve been lucky to see Islay’s original inspiration and see the progression of her inspiration in her jewelry come to life. I am thankful that she allowed us into her studio over seven-months ago because we can see how her ideas evolved into these insanely beautiful creations.

Islay Taylor_ Natural History_ 1Islay Taylor_ Natural History_ 3Islay Taylor_ Natural History_ 2Islay Taylor_ Natural History_ 4Islay Taylor_ Natural History_ 5Islay Taylor_ Natural History_ 6


Feel free to contact Islay and/or purchase some of her one-of-a-kind jewelry!





// photography by Olivia //  Jewelry by Islay Taylor //