One of the best things about living somewhere in the Northeast, like Providence, is experiencing the change in seasons. This past winter was long. I mean really really long. If you’re like me and avoid winter sports, you spend weeks and weeks cooped up inside, only going outside if it’s absolutely necessary.

One of the highlights of my year, and makes the winter worth enduring, is when the season changes from winter to spring. There’s an internal renewing quality about it. It almost feels as if the colors are more vibrant, the air is fresher, and things smell and taste incredibly better.

In the spring and summer I find myself taking photos of flowers. I am sure the internet does not need another photo of a flower but I cannot help it! They are stunning this time of year and I am determined to capture them.

winter feet_ olivia

olivia yellow flowers

purple flowers_ olivia

light purple flowers_ olivia

olivia flowers and tights




// all photography by Olivia //