MY TRIP TO JAPAN! PART 11: Cat Cafe Yokohama

Remember my post about my grandmother’s goat farm in Venezuela?

or, my post about visiting the Owl Cafe in Asakusa, Japan ?

Or, my post about working with Owls at a Nature Preserve?

So, you better believe I was excited to visit the Cat Cafe in Yokohama. It was clean and well designed. The kittens looked happy and healthy.

The business model is simple. You pay for the time you want to spend at the cafe. The cost includes a cup of vending machine coffee, slippers, and access to a lockable cubby for your belongings. (A note about the vending machine coffee, it’s surprisingly delicious! The Japanese have mastered vending machines. More on that later).

ネコ  Neko  –  (cat in Japanese)