Ever since I moved to Providence I have been big into the coffee shop culture.

I am a creature of habit and will frequent the same shops, but a few years ago we discovered a coffee and tea shop; Tea in Sahara. Let me tell you, this place is a gem! I would say it’s one of the best coffee and tea places in town. It is unlike any other shop I’ve been to; it almost feels like you leave the country! It’s in a quaint neighborhood in Providence’s East Side and It’s literally a few doors down from Restored by Design. If you decide to stop by Tea in Sahara be sure to visit Martha and check out her amazing jewelry and clothes.

Tea in Sahara’s atmosphere is perfect for hanging out with friends or getting work done. Be sure to let us know if you check it out or if you’ve been here before.

tea in sahara _ providence_ wintermoon

photo3 (5tea in sahara _ providence_ wintermoon_1

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tea in sahara _ providence_ wintermoon_ 5

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Tea in Sahara is located at 69 Governor St. Providence, RI 02909



:: all photography by Olivia :::


One of the best things about living somewhere in the Northeast, like Providence, is experiencing the change in seasons. This past winter was long. I mean really really long. If you’re like me and avoid winter sports, you spend weeks and weeks cooped up inside, only going outside if it’s absolutely necessary.

One of the highlights of my year, and makes the winter worth enduring, is when the season changes from winter to spring. There’s an internal renewing quality about it. It almost feels as if the colors are more vibrant, the air is fresher, and things smell and taste incredibly better.

In the spring and summer I find myself taking photos of flowers. I am sure the internet does not need another photo of a flower but I cannot help it! They are stunning this time of year and I am determined to capture them.

winter feet_ olivia

olivia yellow flowers

purple flowers_ olivia

light purple flowers_ olivia

olivia flowers and tights




// all photography by Olivia //


When you’re younger you wonder what your friends will do when they grow up. You wonder if you’ll still have fun, have adventures, and try different things. As I am still discovering who I am, I love being surrounded by so many inspiring people challenging themselves and are always pushing their limits.

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Providence’s newest boutique, MINT. The owner, Jay is one of the loveliest women I know and although she’s one of my newest friends in my life I feel lucky to know her. She is inspiring, fun, and classy to boot! I am happy to support her new venture and can’t wait to buy all her pretty things in her store. Here are my five favorites from that night.

mint on broadway_winter moon


statement necklace_ mint


olivia at mint


sparkly necklace_ winter moon


jay and olivia _ mint_ WM


Don’t quit your daydream.




 photo c1b34a56-63ba-428c-9888-0e870f29cdc1.jpg


 photo 631f4f45-1ed5-472f-93cf-eea85c23848e.jpg

I absolutely love jewelry– especially statement necklaces. I have become notorious for wearing them. This necklace is one of my favorites and most special one at the moment. I purchased this necklace when I was in Paris this past January. The way it sparkles reminds me of the Eiffel Tower.


 photo f976f579-bd39-4c15-a3fb-d20bfb201a2a.jpg

I purchased this necklace at an antique shop in Upstate New York when I was in my teens. I have always always always been fascinated by old photographs and to this day I have never seen such a cool necklace like this one. It is a metal photo book with photographs of different people. I always wonder who they were and what their lives were like.


 photo 78214a18-4380-4c96-925e-c2bcf9e2810c.jpg

Like I said before, I love jewelry. I always have. I started collecting jewelry boxes years ago and this one is one of the most recent one I have acquired. It was a gift from my best friend when I moved to Rhode Island. It’s by Henri Bendel and so perfect.


 photo f39ee4dd-a94d-4546-b6e4-c1d40a66a650.jpg

I was born in South America and moved to the United States at a young age. ((More on that in another post)) I don’t have very many photos of myself as a baby but the ones I do have are quite meaningful to me. I think I am about 2 or 3 years old in this photo and I would most definitely still wear that dress. Can you believe I used to be a blondie!?


 photo 5b0ce30c-087d-4e76-8d80-f1093244a830.jpg

So this is my Siamese cat dress. I love it because it’s just too perfect and silly. I pair it with leggings like the ones above because I just love mixing patterns.