“You eat what??” A look into my decision to eating Paleo


I used to be a vegetarian — for almost 10 years! I was in high school when I made the decision to stop eating meat and it just became a part of who I was. It was a part of how people described me and knew me.

About 2 years ago, I started questioning what I was eating. I didn’t realize it, but I was eating a lot of bread, pasta, rice, crackers, cheese, corn, and fake meat products. Not to mention I was skipping meals because many times I found myself without options. I was always really tired and I felt like I was too young to be feeling so old. I was missing a lot of iron and vitamins in my diet and I needed to change the way I ate. I wasn’t putting real food in my body.

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One day I was talking to my older brother who is a Marine and Crossfit enthusiast (basically overall superhero) about food and eating. He told me that he changed his diet to paleo and he felt so much better. He had more energy and felt full longer. After talking with him about it and researching it online I read dozens of stories of people who started eating paleo and felt amazing.

Paleo comes from the word paleolithic meaning early humans. Paleo is basically eating as clean as possible cutting out alcohol, sugar, dairy, anything from a box, and gluten. You eat as many vegetables as you’d like, lean protein, and not too much fruit.
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Today, I eat as balanced as possible, eat a ton of vegetables, no gluten, and now lean proteins. Eating meat again was a bit strange, but I’m picky about where I purchase my protein. Eating paleo does take effort and meal planning, but to be honest, I love it! I don’t eat paleo 100% of the time, because I just love pizza too much and let me tell you, Providence has some amazing pizza.

There are soooo many paleo recipes that I just love, and am excited to be sharing them with you here.

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DISCLAIMER: these are only the authors opinions. Please discuss your dietary concerns and options with your primary physician. xoxo