MY TRIP TO JAPAN! PART 10: Meals in Yokohama

I’m eternally curious about what people eat when they travel, so I’m including this post for those of you who are as well.

Before traveling to Japan I had a perception that the food would be mostly raw fish, and they do serve it, but I found their food options to be much more diverse than I expected. I eat a primarily whole food plant based diet, so as you can see I ate veggies, ramen, soba, and rice snacks.

Here are some things I learned:
Use the bib if you’re given one. It really will protect your clothes.
Slurping your noodles is not optional, but encouraged.
Check to see the restaurant menu has pictures, or ask to see if they have an English menu.

頂きます itadakimasu (non-literal translation of bon appétit!)

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