Welcome Readers!

It really throws me off when people ask me “where are you from?” or “what do you do?” Every.single. time. These are completely viable questions, but you see, it’s complicated. I was born in Venezuela, spent a lot of time in the East Coast + Florida, and have moved around a few times as an adult. And, I do a lot of things!

So, instead of telling you “what I do” or “where I’m from” I am going to share with you my “why”. Why I do what I do.

I love that inspiring feeling. You know, that moment when you read or watch something that gets you fired up! That feeling that you can do anything. Write that book, travel to that country, get that degree, ask that person out. I love that feeling. I love helping others create that feeling for themselves. I love seeing people in my community and the world around me pursue their dreams, passions, and overall interests. I love that entrepreneurship is messy but at the end of the day you know you were 100% true to yourself and your beliefs.

I love helping others feel inspired. I love helping people achieve their goals and helping them feel beautiful in the meantime. Whether that’s with health coaching, storytelling, photography,  or styling services. To me, it’s more of the why that matters. It’s helping people feel excited about another day. Excited about being here NOW.

I realize that it’s messy, frustrating, and confusing at times. I get that. But, to know that I did my best at whatever I did using the skills I have, is truly what drives me.

I believe that the victory lies in the small moments.

Like the moments of a great conversation, or quiet time to yourself, during a haircut… but the final result is just an effect of something great.

Like the moments where you cook a new healthy recipe… but the final result is just something you get to enjoy. The satisfaction of learning something new and knowing that you did something good for your health is the ultimate reward.

Like the moments when I’m interviewing a business owner and they remember why they started and are excited beyond belief that I asked them. That they get to have photos of the brick-and-mortar they created. That is the satisfying moment for me. The final blog post and nice photos are just an effect of something great.

That’s how I see it. That the magic is in the process. The moments while you’re working towards that thing. The thing itself is great, but not the point. I believe our sadness and frustration lies when we focus on that thing. Because it’s never about that. It’s about the people, moments, and life that happens between now and getting it. It’s about the person we become in the process.

Now it’s your turn! What are your thoughts?

I love hearing from you and learning about you. Instead of asking you what you do, or where you’re from, here are my questions to you:

1- what are you most excited about in your life right now?

2- what are you most thankful in your life right now?

3- where you are writing from?


much love to you all,

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