California Part 1: Feeling Insignificant at Muir Woods

“You become like an astronaut who sees the planet Earth surrounded by the vastness of space and realizes a paradoxical truth: The earth is precious and at the same time insignificant.” -Eckhart Tolle

I honestly felt this way while in Muir Woods. I felt so small and so insignificant in the midst of the enormous redwoods. But you know the beautiful part about it? I was in awe of how magnificent and precious they were. Have you ever felt that way? In awe of nature?

I feel this way when I look at photos of the billions of galaxies in our Universe. Or the billions of grains of sand at the beach. Or the amount of leaves in one tree. There truly is so much abundance on this planet and in our every day lives. Sometimes we get caught up in the drama of it all, but looking up and reminding ourselves of nature’s beauty and abundance can give us a quick reminder that things are okay. They’re more than okay. They’re perfect.

Muir Woods _ 4

Muir Woods _ 5

Muir Woods _ 7

Muir Woods _ 6

Muir Woods _ 8

Muir Woods _ 1

Muir Woods _ 2

Muir Woods _ 9

Muir Woods _ 3



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