My Trip to Japan! Part 5: Being Present in Historic Kyoto

Geishas. Cherry blossoms. Temples.

It was beautiful you guys. I mean, really beautiful. As a historic city and previously Japan’s capital, Kyoto, exceeded my expectations.

We went to the Kiyomizu-dera temple which as you can see from the photos below blew my mind. The views of Kyoto from the temple were gorgeous. Not only that, but because it’s an independently run Buddhist temple you’re greeted with the alluring smell of incense.

I’m sure you also love this about traveling. How aware you become to all your senses. How much better food tastes. How much you notice. How excited you feel moment to moment.

I think that’s what I loved about Japan. Not only did I feel more present, but the culture itself values present moment awareness. Japanese culture encourages you to smell the incense, enjoy the view, and savor your food. Japanese culture challenges you to do one thing: be present.

I hope you’re able to see some of Kyoto’s beauty through my photography. But, I especially hope you’re able to visit soon.

Kyoto_ 1

Kyoto_8 Kyoto_ 2 Kyoto_ 3


Kyoto_ 5


Kyoto_9 Kyoto_ 10

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