MY TRIP TO JAPAN! PART 3: Kyoto Coffee Shop

Are you a coffee drinker? Well, while in Japan I learned that, much like the US, Japan is serious about their coffee. What was most impressive was their attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship.

While exploring Kyoto we wandered into one of the most beautiful coffee shops I’ve ever been in. Arabica. Everything in their shop from their sugar to the coasters and cups were branded. The shop was elegantly simple yet stunning adorned with wooden and copper designs. The designer in me was totally elated to be in such a place. I felt like such a tourist taking a photo of their sugar packets (ha!), but just look at them! Perfection.

If you’re ever in Kyoto, please check out Arabica. In the meantime, you can check out their site and my photos.

photo kyoto 4 photo kyoto 2 photo kyoto 3 photo kyoto 5photo kyoto 1


//all photography + writing by Olivia//


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