My Trip to Japan! Part 1: Peony Garden at Ueno Toshogu

I loved so many things (i.e. everything) about Japan. If you and I met up for tea I would give you the 1,000 reasons why you need to go to Japan (like yesterday!). The people, the landscape, the food, the weather, the temples & shrines, the attention to detail, the gardens, etc. etc.

We stayed in a Western style hotel at Ueno in Tokyo’s Taito district. I loved being in this district because we were walking distance to so many attractions and had great access to the subway system. Our first day in Tokyo we walked over to the Peony Garden at Ueno Toshogu. This place was magic. Seriously. The bright and pastel colors, floral smells, and peaceful quiet was heaven on my senses.

I have so many exciting photos to share — this is just the beginning of our exploration to Japan!

Flower Garden_12 Flower Garden_4 Flower Garden_11 Flower Garden_6 Flower Garden_7 Flower Garden_5 Flower Garden_9 Flower Garden_13 Flower Garden_15 Flower Garden_16 Flower Garden_17 Flower Garden_19 Flower Garden_18 Flower Garden_1

So much love to you all,

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