My travel essentials…

This Spring, I’d really love to visit St. George Island off the coast Florida’s Panhandle. Have you ever been? Florida beaches are truly one of a kind!

To me, traveling to Florida for me is all about experiencing it’s natural beauty: the sunshine, the sounds of the ocean, the friendly people, and the seafood. I am one to just sit on the beach and enjoy the view, read a good book, write in my journal, or go on a run.

Here are my absolute essentials when visiting Florida beaches.OLIVIA

1.  An insightful, meditative book.

One of my all time favorites: A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

a new earth

2.  Eye protection from the sun — a pair of sunglasses!

I tend to prefer Raybans, but as long as they’re polarized, you should be good.

ray bans

3.  running shoes.

It sounds bizarre, but I personally love to wake up early and go for runs while I am on vacation. I feel so energized and feel like I need to seize the day (and sunshine!).

There’s truly nothing as beautiful as seeing the sunrise over the ocean.

I have really taken to Reebok — the quality of their products are fantastic. These sneakers are for all sorts of terrain. You can even rinse them — which you’ll need to do after a run on the beach. These are also great for venturing out into town or wandering around, while exploring the local lighthouses on St. George Island.


4. A water bottle and a healthy snack — is a must!

In the Florida sun, you will need to stay hydrated, thankfully, Swell bottles keep liquids cold (or hot!) for up to 24 hours. Having a bottle handy is a great way to keep your water cold, save money, and the planet! Reusing water bottles is really the only way to go.

I’d also grab a honeycrisp apple. They’re my favorite.

swell birds of paradise

5. Protective Case for your phone!

I use an OtterBox to protect my phone on a daily basis, but for traveling, especially to trips to the beach, it’s important to keep your phone safe, dry, and sand free.

I prefer a case in which I can still use my phone and camera but honestly, even a ziplock bag will do.

waterproof case

Okay, now that I’ve shared my essentials with you, it’s your turn…

What are your travel essentials?


*this post was inspired by Homeaway, but all my opinions are my own.*

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