The day I changed my mind about online shopping

I’m such a skeptic when it comes to online shopping. I get so annoyed when the clothes I order don’t fit, even more annoyed when I have to send it back, AND THEN re-order correct size.

That’s why when eShakti reached out to me about their custom dresses, I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical. What’s different about them though is you have the option to custom design their clothes. That means you choose a design, send them your measurements, and they’ll make a custom piece just for you.

I needed an extra special dress for one of my best friend’s engagement party, so I decided to give it a shot. The most difficult part of the entire process was actually picking out the style of dress I wanted (not a bad problem to have). SO. MANY. OPTIONS. I narrowed it down to about 5 dresses and asked my husband for help (poor guy). He liked them all, so I ended up going with… drum roll please: The Olivia Dress.

It took about 4 weeks for the dress to be made and, to be honest, I was still skeptical the day it arrived.

However, IT FIT. It was the exact length I wanted, it was the perfect neckline, and it had the pockets I requested (pockets!) . All in all, this online shopping experience was one of the best I’ve had to date. Too bad I can’t custom order all my clothes.

I didn’t style the dress with the purple ribbon they mailed (it’s not me at all), but with a black belt instead.

IMG_2066 IMG_2064 IMG_2067 IMG_2069

IMG_2063 IMG_2065

Olivia Dress, c/o eShakti

What about you? Do you order your clothes online?

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