When I was 10 years old I was newly arrived in the US from my home country of Venezuela. I remember my teacher at school referred me to a Saturday program where I would learn all sorts of things in a hands-on way. One time the program was scheduled in the evening and was sponsored by NASA.

I didn’t know much at all about astronomy or what NASA was, but I remember they showed us how to make telescopes from cardboard tubes and glass pieces, and then we went outside to look at the moon. To this day, I still remember how blown away I was to look at the moon from a telescope I had made. It was that day, that I fell in love with everything having to do with astronomy.

Fast forward quite a few years later and I am still as mesmerized, if not more, by the skies above us. I spend all my free time reading all the books I can carry (literally) out of the library.

The other day, after many years of wanting to get a closer look at the moon I purchased my very first telescope! I ordered a Celestron Travelscope online and to be honest it is soooo good. It’s super easy to assemble, it’s lightweight, meant for travel, and even comes with a backpack! If you’re in the market or even considering a telescope – this is a great starter scope. The other night I went outside and got a look at the moon and almost cried. I swear. It’s mind blowing to think that we sent humans there.

I can’t wait until we can leave this planet and explore other worlds. Until then, I have a telescope and a lot of books. And that’s what I’ll explore other worlds with.

celestron telescope 6

celestron telescope 1

celestron telescope 7

celestron telescope 3

celestron telescope 2celestron telescope 5

Pursue what you love. You’ll realize that you’ve loved that for a very long time,

// photography by Olivia //
**This post was not sponsored by Celestron- these are just my personal opinions **


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