I am constantly fascinated by the planet we live in. Out of all the exploration we’ve done in outer space we have yet to find a place like Earth with an abundance of life. It really makes me appreciate how precious and rare we are.

Problems can sometimes be overwhelming, but when I get a chance to go outside and take my dog on a walk to the beach I am reminded of all the beauty this planet has for us. Looking down to see footprints of different animals, touching the algae that lives in a seashell, or seeing the complexity of moss growing on rocks reminds me that life is persistent and will evolve to keep going.

The life on this planet is a reminder of what’s in us. We’re programmed to adapt. To grow. To change.

ocean 1
ocean 7
ocean 6
ocean 3
ocean 4
ocean 2

don’t quit your daydream,


// photography by Olivia //

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