Have you ever heard of a Salt Marsh? Well, a salt marsh is something most people don’t know about because it doesn’t look like anything special. It’s just an open piece of land near the ocean (or bay) that has tall grass and is usually pretty muddy. Although seemingly unimportant, healthy salt marshes provide A LOT of benefits for those living near them. Unfortunately, for many years salt marshes were used as landfills and covered up because people didn’t know what they were for.

Thankfully, today we know that salt marshes are overflowing with benefits! For example, they act as nurseries for fish. This literally means that fish come to salt marshes and lay their eggs! This helps local businesses, restaurants, and fishermen. Salt Marshes also provide protection from flooding and storms because the soil soaks up a lot of water. They are a huge benefit for the environment as they provide a lot of nutrients and living space for the animals living there.

I really value living somewhere that values the environment. I encourage you to check out your local parks, trails, and salt marshes (if there’s any around you!) Supporting it will keep it around.

The salt marsh below is Jacob’s Point in Warren, Rhode Island.

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// post and photos by Olivia //

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