My love for this Ivy League

Providence can be quite a transient place for many people coming here to attend the many Colleges and Universities. With all the schools in town, Brown University has got to be my favorite campus here in Providence. It’s scattered through the city mostly nestled in neighborhoods and parts of downtown. When the weather in Rhode Island is as glorious as it’s been the past few weeks you can really fall in love with Brown’s campus. I love that it’s open to the public so anyone is free to enjoy it.

Sitting on the main green under a tree reading a book can make you feel transported to another era. Brown’s legacy dates back to over 250 years, so walking around the very old buildings gives you a feel for what the students then would’ve experienced.

providence_ brown university_ campusprovidence_ brown university_ campus_1
providence_ brown university_ campus_2
providence_ brown university_ campus_3
providence_ brown university_ campus_5
providence_ brown university_ campus_4

Feel free to check out the post I wrote about Pembroke College, which was a women’s college founded in 1891 at Brown.

Happy exploring!


// all photography by Olivia //

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