It’s so easy to spend day after day pursuing goals and dreams. The moment you can start tasting your dreams, the moment they start becoming real, you can’t stop. I’ve found myself caught up in the hustle of every day moving from one thing to another without taking a moment to digest what exactly is happening in my life and what it all means; not questioning my past and what it means for my present.

I ventured down south to Florida and I can tell you that it was extremely healing and refreshing to be away from my daily routines. The perspective I got from being away from the day-to-day truly feels priceless. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the clear path in front of you when there are dozens of things fighting for your attention.

The more years that go by, the more I realize that life is simple but so very short. It’s important, if not vital, to question your motives, speak your mind, and be honest with others and yourself. We are one blip in this immense Universe, and although our location in the Universe does not make us unique, the fact that we can see patterns and think about what we are and who we are, is what makes us unique.

florida_ travels_ summertime_5
florida_ travels_ summertime_6
florida_ travels_ summertime_2
florida_ travels_ summertime_4

Although my trip was not glamorous or lavish, I realized that sometimes all you simply need is some sushi and some sunshine.


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