One of my dearest friends, Casey, lives in Hawaii and is constantly roaming around the Big Island looking for adventures. Luckily for us, she captures those said adventures with her GoPro camera and shares them with the world. Until recently I knew nothing about the GoPro. I mean, I knew that it existed and very sporty people used it but that is all. We acquired one a while back and I’ve just come to experiment with it and let me tell you I am totally obsessed with it! As someone who is constantly taking photos, the GoPro is such an amazing way to capture experiences that are beyond your ordinary day-to-day. What I love so much about it is how lightweight and durable it is especially because I keep it in a waterproof case that will not break if I drop it. I also love how the fish-eye lens really captures a bigger-more detailed view than any other camera I own.

Most weekends we find ourselves driving off to Jamestown, Rhode Island and exploring the rocks along the ocean. At any given day this area will give you a totally different feel. Sometimes it feels extraterrestrial, at times it feels like a rainforest, and at times it feels like corners of the grand canyon. I really can’t describe my love for this little tiny piece of coast in the smallest state, but I can tell you, there is so much adventure in this place for me.

I hope you can go off where you live and find places to explore. What keeps me motivated in life is knowing that there is so much more left to be discovered.

 photo cd315b11-1f09-4fc0-bbb1-81b863e32b07.jpg

 photo 20529a74-e6eb-4c77-8949-84de5056ade3.jpg

 photo c4a66012-018b-4467-af20-e111eb4bc50a.jpg

 photo fd5dc12e-234e-4089-9841-411efe988f6d.jpg

Don’t quit your daydream.



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