My Musical Weekend

I had such a rough day on Friday. I won’t bore you with details but I’m sure you’ve had days like this, where even though you plan certain things, the day does not turn out at all like you had intended. I was pretty bummed for half the day but midday while driving through Broadway I saw that one of my favorite bands ever, Death Vessel was playing that evening. I can’t even tell you how much that changed my day! I totally forgot about what was bothering me and was so stoked to see them.

They played at a local venue here in PVD at the Columbus Theater. It’s an absolutely stunning venue and a fantastic place to see live music. It’s so intimate and all the people that work there are passionate about supporting local musicians.

We got to see a new band, Vio Mire which I totally loved and Death Vessel, of course, played an amazing show.

Death Vessel_ Providence _ 1
Death Vessel_ Providence _ 6Death Vessel_ Providence _ 2
Death Vessel_ Providence _ 1
Death Vessel_ Providence _ 4Death Vessel_ Providence _ 5

It’s amazing how much music impacts the way I feel. I really can’t imagine a life without music.


If you haven’t checked out my interview with Death Vessel, you totally should. Joel is a super inspiring musician!



// photography by Olivia //

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