Beautiful History: PEMBROKE COLLEGE

One of the best things about living in Providence is being around Brown University. This school is not only an Ivy league but it is one of the most welcoming and giving schools to the surrounding communities. Its campus is open to the public, has free lectures, and is one of the oldest schools in the nation with over 250 plus years of history!

I am incredibly proud of Brown and what is gives our local community. I am always taking advantage of what it has to offer including its beautiful gardens, architecture, and walks. Wandering through the campus the other day I encountered Pembroke College which was the Women’s College founded in 1891 at Brown. Today it continues to house Women’s studies and research.

I am proud of live in a place that values research, education, and women.

pembroke college 1
pembroke college 3
pembroke college 8
pembroke college 9
pembroke college 2pembroke college 6
varsity jacket


It felt appropriate to wear my Varsity Jacket when wandering Brown’s campus. I got it at M I N T ! Be sure to stop by and check out her amazing collection of items.




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