Making new friends

For a really long time I felt really comfortable and happy with the group of friends I had. I just felt like they knew who I was and was myself around them, so why find new ones? I felt that I only needed to maintain my current friendships and even though that was great, I was limiting my network and growth.

When I moved to Rhode Island I didn’t know anyone. I mean like I knew my cat and husband, but that’s it. I was pretty homesick for a while and only talked to my friends back home. I was excited to meet new people but I never ever imagined that I would make such strong friendships and bonds like the ones I now have. I think that the older you get it just becomes more difficult to make new friends and make time for friends. Life is more complicated and more complex. There are careers to juggle, family, children, more animals, etc!

I’ve allowed myself to let go of any expectation when I meet new people and it’s been a beautiful thing see friendships unfold in a way that I would’ve never expected. I think that it’s difficult to make new friends. When you’re feeling down, you just want to talk to someone that knows you. When you’re feeling like having a random excursion you want to call a friend you’ve known forever that you know will take a mini-roadtrip with you on-a-whim or go for coffee just because. What I’ve found, is that after now several years of living in Rhode Island I have cultivated some of the most beautiful friendships without even expecting it. And that’s been the best gift this Ocean State has given me.


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