One of my favorite social media platforms is instagram. I would say it’s definitely an obsession of mine. I know social media can be toxic and addicting but I believe, just like in life, if you surround yourself with the right people it can help and inspire you.

A few months ago on instagram we started following Los Angeles based illustrator, Noel Shiveley. His art is the perfect combination of nature, typography, quotes, and inspiration. I always look forward to his posts and they inspire me and motivate me so much. I would say his work moves me.

Although I’ve never met Noel in person I am so grateful to him and his work. It’s not an easy thing to create something and put it out for the world to see, but when you do it can really help and inspire so many people; without even knowing it.

noeltheartist_ wintermoon

noeltheartist_ wintermoon_5

noeltheartist_ wintermoon_1

noeltheartist_ wintermoon_2

noeltheartist_ wintermoon_3

noeltheartist_ wintermoon_4

noeltheartist_ wintermoon_4


You can follow his instagram: @NoelTheArtist // email: nshiveley@yahoo.com



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