A few days ago I took a drive to Boston to visit one of my best friends that was in town from Florida. I totally love that Boston is only about 45 minutes away. It’s such a fabulous city with amazing night life, it’s super clean, family and pet friendly, and in the summer time it’s heavenly. It’s the perfect combination of modern and historic.

There is so much to do but I really do love to just walk around and people watch. There are so many different languages and accents you hear, there’s any type of food you can imagine, and you can have a good time without having to spend too much money. Plus there is an insane amount of history which I totally love.

Boston_ Winter Moon _ 2

Boston_ Winter Moon _ 5

Boston_ Winter Moon _ 1

Boston_ Winter Moon _ 3

Boston_ Winter Moon _ 4

Boston_ Winter Moon _ 8

Boston_ Winter Moon _ 7

Boston_ Winter Moon _ 6

Thanks for the lovely time, Boston.



// photography by Olivia //

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