It’s officially summer and Providence in the summertime is basically the best. I know I’ve said that so many times but you really get to see Providence shine this time of year.

The other night we went for a walk through Waterplace Park and it was really one of my favorite memories this summer so far. There is something so lovely about just walking through your city and being inspired by all the city life, nature, and the simplicity of just enjoying the fresh summer air. Waterplace Park is in the heart of Providence. You get an amazing view of the city and get to walk along the river. If you’re feeling romantic you can pay to ride along in a Venetian Gondola; how cute is that!?

We have a lot of amazing plans for this summer and really want to enjoy every moment of this sunshine and warm weather!

waterplace park pvd_ 1

waterplace park pvd_ 4

waterplace park pvd_ 3

waterplace park pvd_ 5

Happy Summer!


// photography by Olivia //


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