Interview with PVD Lady Project Founder: Sierra Barter

Hi readers! Olivia here.

When I joined the PVD Lady Project back in February I felt a little overwhelmed to be among so many talented and successful individuals. But let me tell you, every member I meet is so down to earth and extremely supportive.

Today I am bringing you an interview with the Co-Founder of the Providence Lady Project! Sierra is witty, smart, and a very driven person. She is fearless and unassuming and really wants women in Providence ((and the world)) to connect! I loved getting to know her during our photo shoot and think she is someone you should keep an eye on.


Sierra Barter


 photo c10a5c60-2014-43d9-ae95-4a6ab8007b47.jpg

where are you from? 

“I am from Hubertus, Wisconsin, about 45 minutes outside of Milwaukee. I will keep my Milwaukee area code forever! Even though I’ve lived here since 2005 and consider myself a Rhode Islander, I am a Midwestern girl who loves state fairs, a good bloody mary and sitting outside with a beer and my dogs.”

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where did you go to school? 

“I went to Johnson & Wales University and have my B.A. in Marketing & Advertising Communications with a concentration in Sociology.”

what do you do for a living?

“I work full-time at Johnson & Wales University as the Student Services Social Media Coordinator; I LOVE my job!”

 photo 41cfa044-5ab0-4814-ac60-773afbb805e7.jpg

how did you meet your business partner in PVD Lady Project, Julie Sygiel?

Julie and I met via the Internet back in 2011 when I had an organization company called Clementine Lime. My company wrote a blog entry for her company (then called Sexy Period, now Dear Kates). We actually met that October at a Sexy Period event during ‘Snowtober‘. I met Jen Brister, our amazing Editor-in-Chief at that event, too.”

how and when did you decide that you wanted to start the PVD Lady Project?

“Right after Julie and I met, we went for waffles and bonded over the fact that we had all these amazing women in our lives and they ALL needed to know each other. We decided to plan event for that following Feb.”

 photo 4d00a150-2c78-495b-994d-68735e4bd8bf.jpg

tell us, what inspires you in your personal life and in business?

“Other people inspire me. I love meeting and working with so many women (and men!) who kick ass in so many ways. I also feel inspired by what’s around me: art, the ocean, nature, but mostly the people who I work with. ”

I wonder, who do you admire?

“There are so many people I admire! First off, my mom and my grandmother. They inspire me every day. I am also obsessed with Amy Poehler and Leslie Knope, her character on Parks and Rec. Historically, I love Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Gloria Steinem and Jackie Kennedy.”

what is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

“Two things: You’ll never please everyone and do what you love and f*** the rest.”

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I have quite a few creative outlets, what are yours? what keeps you sane?

“I love yoga and try to practice a few days a week. I like running when it’s nice out and playing with my dogs. I need a good amount of alone time; whether it’s vegging in front of the TV for an hour, reading a book or walking my dogs. I like to be alone with my thoughts from time to time and try to unplug.”

tell us about some of your favorite places you’ve traveled to.

“My dad is British, and I love visiting him in Brighton. It’s such a modern yet traditional city by the sea. I also loved Hawaii- I went in college and it was gorgeous. I really want to travel more- Costa Rica, Iceland and Oslo are on my short list.”

 photo bdd98de7-22ae-4b3f-9957-092c1fc71ea6.jpg

what is your dream and vision for the PVD Lady Project?

“The big, big dream is to create a national and international network of awesome, driven women and have them work together. And, to make Providence THE place for a woman to start a business. I would love to expand to 5 new cities in the next year and maybe even internationally!”

any last thing you want to share with our readers?!

“One of the many things that I LOVE about Lady Project is that we have women from all different backgrounds. They are from non profits, the financial sector, the arts, many own their own businesses, everywhere. If you’re a woman (or female identifying) and you’re awesome, we want you!”

 photo c9d6038f-8708-4b7a-bed6-758a7111400f.jpg

we love connecting with our readers with social media, what kinds of social media can we follow you?

Instagram @sierrabarter

Twitter @sierrabarter

Facebook: Sierra Barter


I really enjoyed getting to know the beautiful people behind the PVD Lady Project. Here is a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot I did with Sierra and Julie.

behind the scenes

Make sure you also check out Julie’s interview, here!


writing // editing // photography: Olivia

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