I’ve had the amazing opportunity to travel and live in many different places in my life. Every time I meet someone new the first question is always “where are you from?” and they always follow up by asking “do you miss it?” and “would you go back?

I love where I live now, but I never know how to answer these questions because every place I end up is for a different reason and I try to embrace that aspect. Although, as an ever wandering soul I am continuously on a search to find my perfect place where I feel at home. The more I travel, the more I find that it is not one place, but many places have aspects of the things I love. The more I live, the more I find that I have to create my environment wherever I go. I know that happiness isn’t a place, but a part of me is always seeking that perfect place that will give me a sense of peace and happiness.

Because I love living vicariously through other people, that leads me to wonder, where would you live if you could live anywhere? Would you stay right where you are? Or would you seek somewhere new?

Many times what prompts a move to a new place is circumstance that is out of our control whether for school, a job, and relationships. Lately I can’t stop wondering if I had a perfect scenario and choice over where I could live, where that would be? I want to share with you some of my favorite destinations of some really beautiful places I have traveled to over the past couple of years.

//Providence, RI//
pvd ri_ olivia

// New York, New York //
new york city_ olivia

// Jamestown, RI //
beavertail, ri_olivia

Boston, MA //
boston_ olivia

// Asheville, NC //
asheville_ olivia

// St. Agustine, FL //
st augustine_ olivia

// Tampa, FL //
tampa_ olivia

// Woodstock, NY //

ny_ upstate_ olivia

// Treviso, Italy //
italy_ olivia

// Verona, Italy //
verona_ olivia

// Paris, France //
paris_ olivia

// Oranjestad, Aruba //
aruba_ olivia

// Punto Fijo, Venezuela //
venezuela_ olivia


Don’t quit your daydream.


// photography by Olivia //

4 thoughts on “WHERE WOULD YOU LIVE?

  1. Sartenada says:

    I live in Finland and I love it. It offers four seasons, meaning from sunny hot days to cold winter full of snow. Walking on frozen lakes, hiking on arctic hill among free roaming reindeers, picking berries in the woods, making cruises on some of our lakes, seeing Samba carnivals every summer in Helsinki, visiting our unique churches on countryside, admiring gorgeous open-air museums. List could be much longer. More info in:

    About me

    Have a wonderful day!


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