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I absolutely love jewelry– especially statement necklaces. I have become notorious for wearing them. This necklace is one of my favorites and most special one at the moment. I purchased this necklace when I was in Paris this past January. The way it sparkles reminds me of the Eiffel Tower.


 photo f976f579-bd39-4c15-a3fb-d20bfb201a2a.jpg

I purchased this necklace at an antique shop in Upstate New York when I was in my teens. I have always always always been fascinated by old photographs and to this day I have never seen such a cool necklace like this one. It is a metal photo book with photographs of different people. I always wonder who they were and what their lives were like.


 photo 78214a18-4380-4c96-925e-c2bcf9e2810c.jpg

Like I said before, I love jewelry. I always have. I started collecting jewelry boxes years ago and this one is one of the most recent one I have acquired. It was a gift from my best friend when I moved to Rhode Island. It’s by Henri Bendel and so perfect.


 photo f39ee4dd-a94d-4546-b6e4-c1d40a66a650.jpg

I was born in South America and moved to the United States at a young age. ((More on that in another post)) I don’t have very many photos of myself as a baby but the ones I do have are quite meaningful to me. I think I am about 2 or 3 years old in this photo and I would most definitely still wear that dress. Can you believe I used to be a blondie!?


 photo 5b0ce30c-087d-4e76-8d80-f1093244a830.jpg

So this is my Siamese cat dress. I love it because it’s just too perfect and silly. I pair it with leggings like the ones above because I just love mixing patterns.



2 thoughts on “MY FIVE THINGS // OLIVIA

    • wintermoonblog says:

      Thistle, isn’t is perfect?! I love it so much! It has stripes all over and the top is polka dots. The best.
      They have them on their website, if you want to treat yourself to something sa-weet! haha



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