Five Friday Favorites!

Hi readers! Spring has finally arrived in Providence and here at Winter Moon we are excited to share our new ideas, exciting projects, photo shoots, and some great news with you guys. Stay tuned!!

That being said, I just love these long days, sunny afternoons and cannot wait to get some spring pieces with colors and fun patterns.

Here are some of my favorites at the moment:

steer to my heart shirt_ modcloth_winter moon

Modcloth: steer to my heart tee

carry with on with confidence_ modcloth_wintermoon

Modcloth: carry on with confidence

nava_ orchid blouse_ wintermoon

NAVA: orchid blouse

bird print dress_ queen of hearts_ wintermoon

Queen of Hearts: bird print dress

pastel chord necklace_ shop bananas_ wintermoon

Shop Bananas: pastel chord necklace


Have a lovely weekend!



P.S. Shop Bananas, Queen of Hearts, and NAVA are boutiques here in Providence that you can shop online as well!




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