Saying goodbye: David Lamb from Brown Bird

There’s distinct moments in your life where life feels short, fleeting, and a bit unfair.

I can tell you that it’s how I feel right now. 

Providence (& Rhode Island) musician David Lamb, founder of Brown Bird passed away this past Saturday April 5th. He had been diagnosed with leukemia last year and this week his body began to shut down. He was 35.

brown bird_ david lamb_ morganeve swain_mikael kennedy

photography by: Mikael Kennedy

I cannot tell you how much my heart breaks for his wife and bandmember, MorganEve. I cannot imagine the heartbreak of losing your best friend and husband.

Brown Bird was the first band I saw in Providence. I can tell you that David and MorganEve’s show was one of the most moving, beautiful performances I have seen to date. The venue was small and the crowd was intimate and sang along.

David left us a legacy of incredible music. He and MorganEve poured their hearts and souls into their music that we will always cherish.

If there is one thing this whole experience has shown me is that the people of Providence and Rhode Island are extremely loyal and supportive. They protect and encourage their friends during the good and hard times. I encourage our readers to support MorganEve and Brown Bird any way you can. You can purchase their music here and you can send good thoughts and prayers. 

We are thinking of you, MorganEve.

Our deepest condolences,

Olivia + WM

“What we share with the world is what it keeps of you”

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