Vintage Providence Postcards

There’s something really random that I enjoy collecting: postcards. I don’t know what it is about them, but I just love them! I always mail my friends and family postcards when I travel. And no matter where I go, I purchase them for myself. I have post cards from China, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, England, and the list goes on.

This weekend while I was wandering around a Providence bookstore I stumbled upon some rare vintage Providence and Rhode Island postcards. I love how these postcards are a window into another time!


This postcard literally gave me goosebumps when I found it- It’s of Prospect Park! I was even happier when I turned it over to read a lovely note from someone to their Mother.

November 30, 1914
Dear Mother,
Maude meant to have written to-day but her head still aches, pretty hard so she is going to write to-morrow. We are on the way to doctor’s now and hope he can relieve her. She did not sleep but an hour all last night, and yet managed to get to school.
We both hope for better luck to-morrow.
Love to all.

prospect park vintage postcard
prospect park postcard back with note


This post card is of the State House in Providence. It was made by Berger Bros. Publishers a Providence based company which was in business from 1910-1951.

Providence State House berger bros publishers
berger bros publishers


This is the Industrial Trust Building in Downtown Providence, also known as ‘The Superman Building’ or ‘The Bank of America Building’. It doesn’t say who the publisher or what year it was taken, but it was built in 1927 so it must be around that time. Random Fact: This building is still the tallest building in Providence!

providence industrial trust building_ 1_
providence industrial trust back


The Providence Athenaeum has clearly always been a beautiful place! I cannot get over how gorgeous the overgrown vine on the side of the building is. The publisher is J.L. & C.H. Seddon in Providence, R.I. and the postage is only 2 cents which is definitely from the early 1900’s.

the providence atheneaum front
postcard back providence atheneaum


Jamestown is one of my all time favorite places in Rhode Island! This is of their famous windmill that was built in 1787.  It postcard was made by ARTVUE a New York based publishing house. I couldn’t find the exact date of when it was made, but I believe it is of the mid 1900’s.

jamestown windmill
jamestown windbill back


I know this looks like an old photograph but it is an actual vintage Providence postcard from the 1900’s! I wonder who they are and why they are on a postcard?! They both have wedding bands on so I am assuming they are married. I love their hair, clothes, furniture, expression- all of it!

Doesn’t this remind you of our interview with Photographer Phillip Archer, creator of Archer & Co. ?!

vintage providence couple


I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do. Don’t you love discovering old relics about your city?





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