Prospect Park: A Providence Staple

Driving around the ‘East Side’ of Providence you will find beautiful Victorian style homes, museums, as well as hidden treasures like Prospect Terrace Park.

Located on a wonky side street, this amazing park overlooks Providence.


It has always been one of my favorite places to visit either on my own or when friends and family come to visit. Mid-summer you can find me there sitting on the grass with my dog, drawing, having a picnic or just reading a book.

I love coming here because it’s a great way to see all of Providence during all four seasons and especially because it’s such a peaceful place! If you’re a local, make sure to check it out! What are your favorite parks where you live?!


7 thoughts on “Prospect Park: A Providence Staple

  1. musingsfrompvd says:

    I used to live right around the corner from here (have since relocated to Fox Point) but I used to love to time my night runs with sundown so I could see the sun set from Prospect Park over the state house. Typically there would be ten or twelve couples making out, and then me huffing and puffing and/or doing sit ups in the grass. Very romantic.

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  2. iheartrhody says:

    This is one of my favorite parks, too! It’s beautiful in any season, with wonderful views of the city and great for photography. One of the ghost tours starts here. Have you checked those out yet?


    • wintermoonblog says:

      So glad to hear you love it too! It’s such a staple in the area! The ghost tours are top in our list. We’ve had great recommendations and cannot wait to do them once the evenings warm up a bit. :) Feel free to send us any recommendations at wintermoonblog(at) XO


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