Providence Lady Project : Proud Business Members

Today we wanted to make a big announcement that has been in the works for a few months now: Winter Moon is a part of the Providence Lady Project!

pvd lady project logo

Providence Lady Project is a group of women from all over Providence that get together with the vision of connecting, teaching and inspiring each other. The PVD Lady Project has members ranging from business owners, artists, and bloggers like us! It started in late 2011 and is growing. Today there is the Boston Lady Project and the New Haven Lady Project!

lady project summit

Coming up on April 12th, is the Lady Project Summit. It’s an annual event showcasing women from all over New England. It’s an incredible event and you better believe we’ll be there! We’re looking forward to meeting local gems we have in the area. We hope you can also come and get inspired with us!

If you are in Providence (or not!) consider joining the Lady Project! It’s a great organization inspiring ladies. Tell them, Winter Moon sent you!

We encourage our readers to get involved in your community and city. You’ll be amazed at all you will discover.



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