The friends I’ll eventually meet..

I live in the West Side of Providence. My husband and I moved here when the recession just hit. Most people didn’t know of the West Side and wouldn’t venture down this side!

Fast forward 5 years and this area has blossomed so beautifully! We have a TON of awesome boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, Florists- you name it, we got it! We have featured a few of these places already and have some awesome interviews in store for you!

This brings me to my point. The other day I stumbled across a Facebook account: The West Side of Providence. I was so happy to see it and of course, immediately liked it!  Check it out so you can explore this area with them as well.

prov west side_ olivia

Also! You should check out the Providence, RI page!

pvd_ olivia

Providence is small enough where I am certain we will meet one day.

We want to share our Creative Capital with you and all the gems here. We heart Providence!



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