I love Paris: Part 3, The Eiffel Tower

Olivia here on my last feature about my trip to Paris,

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamt of one day going to Paris. I especially wondered what it would be like being at the Eiffel Tower. It’s iconic to when we think of Paris! After having experienced it a few weeks ago I would describe it as magical.

Have you ever read about how the Eiffel Tower came about? It has some remarkable history.

The tower has been erect since 1889, and at first was subject to a lot of negative criticism. Some felt it wasn’t art and to some it was distracting and an eye sore to the rest of Paris. How incredible, that today it is the #1 visited monument in the world! (wikipedia).

Tour Eiffel

I can still remember getting goosebumps when I first saw the tower in the distance. This was one of the first photos I took of the Eiffel Tower minutes after I arrived in Paris. It’s one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken!

Olivia_ photography_ Paris 7

Because I wanted to be as close to the Eiffel Tower as possible, I found a lofty apartment only 3 minutes walking distance from it. Located in the heart of a beautiful park that I would definitely compare to Central Park in NYC. I saw young Parisians running and walking their pets late at night. It seemed super safe to me, with plenty of light. The tower flickers every hour and at 2am they shut it down until they turn it back on the following night.


On my second day in Paris, I ventured to the top of the tower on a ‘vintage’ elevator. Not only do you get to experience the architecture but you get the most incredible view of Paris. I absolutely loved how foggy the day was, it really gives the photos character.



After coming down from the tower, I literally felt like I was glowing from having seen Paris in 360.  I celebrated by having the most delicious Cappuccino that cost me 10 Euro at a coffee shop… I’ll let you figure out how much that is in US Dollars.


Visiting the Eiffel Tower was truly a dream come true. I hope you’re able to see it one day if you haven’t already!

“don’t quit your day dream”



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