Another Birthday in Providence

Today I am celebrating another birthday here in Providence. I moved here almost 5 years ago! I feel like I was such a different person then. I mean for the most part I feel like my core values are still the same. I feel confident in who I am and what I like, I have  incredible friends and family, and I value my time more than ever before. I feel like I have grown up here. It feels like home.

When I was in high school, I dreamt of moving to NYC with my best friend. I wanted to live in a big city, experience lots of people, commute to my job, do the things people in the city do. The older I got, the more I realized that I love New York, but I couldn’t ever live there– at least not on a budget!

Providence is the best mixture of people and places. It has some of the best Universities in the world. You’re surrounded by creative and intelligent people. Brown University always offers free events you can go to even if you’re not a student. For example, last week I went to hear a famous author talk about her new book. The Rhode Island School of Design has art galleries and openings almost every week! They also have a museum with one of the most extensive collections out of any University.

Providence is also known for amazing food, and I will totally vouch for that! I am a total foodie. I love to cook and also go to restaurants and Providence knows how to deliver. With Johnson & Wales a University with a top culinary program we are lucky that a lot of the graduates stay and open some phenomenal restaurants. I’ve tried some amazing food all over the world and I always find myself thinking of PVD restaurants! Right on.

If there’s another thing Providence does well, it’s their coffee. Guys, I’m addicted to coffee. Not just the flavor, but the experience of coffee whether I am making myself or going to a local coffee shop. One of my favorite coffee ever is New Harvest, it is roasted here in a mill in Rhode Island. Do yourself a favor and get some! You can order it online or pick it up at *most local coffee shops. (My favorite is their espresso, Whisper)

I feel very blessed to spend another birthday here in Providence with good food, good coffee, and good people. Providence really is one of the best cities, I feel lucky to live and work here. Thanks, Providence! A toast to another birthday, and another year spent together!




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