Challenge Yourself

Sometimes it feels like we need change, but feel like there aren’t many things that we can change. What ends up happening? We get stuck in a rut. And by sometimes, I mean a lot of times. We’ve all been there.

That’s what leads me to this… I want to encourage you to challenge yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything big or dramatic. Find a new local park that you’ve never been to and take some rad photos. Go to a store and purchase something you think looks cool but wouldn’t normally pick out for yourself. Go to a makeup store and get something you’ve never used before. Maybe you think you don’t look good with lipstick (I’m sure you do!) but get yourself a lipstick anyways. Go to your local salon and ask to speak with a hairstylist that will give you advice on a new hairstyle and what products they would recommend. Talk to a stranger (scary, I know) and give them a nice compliment. It’ll make their day and it’ll give you a confidence boost.

Challenge yourself. Try something different and see how it goes. You may learn something about yourself and about other people. Because besides, what’s the worst that could happen?





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